Anticipate Sentence Examples | Use Anticipate in a sentence

1.if you can Anticipate the location of the return, you can give yourself an edge.

2.if you don't Anticipate what may happen, you'll find yourself at a loss when sth. crops up.

3.gates also said he did not Anticipate situations in which u. s. forces would pursue iranians up to the border with iran.

4.think of this as time to decompress, adjust and Anticipate. the time we couldn't have Anticipated the result of our campaigning

6.the swiss made an early mistake when he failed to Anticipate a through ball from peixoto for meyong whose shot went into the side netting.

7.i Anticipate cooperating with him.

8.jim did not Anticipate any trouble, but we considered everything carefully and expected the worst.

9.if you can Anticipate objections, you can prevent them from occurring.

10."the drug could be used prophylactically and i would Anticipate it would be highly efficacious, " he said.

11.helen: ah, i’ m forrest i won’ t be in the office on monday, and i Anticipate gregg has affairs all day.

12.investment will also be made to help the firm Anticipate the next stages of health and safety compliance.

13.i Anticipate his arrival at four o'clock. you expect your partner to Anticipate your needs?

15.i Anticipate that there will be trouble. is Anticipated that the equivalent of 192 full-time jobs will be lost

17.i Anticipate success in effective economic control.

18.he must Anticipate the maneuvers of the other lawyers and beat them at their own game

19.into a situation that you did not Anticipate. can blind or gouge him if you Anticipate the third seduce.

21.i Anticipate your success.

22.they may not understand security issues, so you should still try to Anticipate their needs.

23.we do not Anticipate any objections to your proposal.

24.investors are trying to Anticipate something they usually take for granted: the ability of the financial system to function normally.

25.Anticipate any tough questions and rehearse your answers

26.officials Anticipate that rivalry between leaders of the various drug factions could erupt into full scale war.

27.learn from your customers and use that valuable knowledge to Anticipate the next need that will surface from customers.

28.a reporter asks the president the question on everyone's lips: 'do you Anticipate being re-appointed?'

29.without it we would be unable to maintain large social hierarchies and alliances or Anticipate what an unseen enemy might be planning. in that case, you can Anticipate what's going to happen.

31."he is going to have bipartisan support in the senate, and i would Anticipate he will be confirmed, " he said.

32.what jeff did was to Anticipate my next question we need to do more to strengthen the institutions that can Anticipate and prevent problems from spreading.

34.we Anticipate that this will happen.

35.i Anticipate there might be a situation where other big clubs will try and sign steven, but he gave no indication that he wanted to leave.

36.the organization neglects to focus on the customer and does not Anticipate what will be needed in the future.

37.proactive means to Anticipate potential problems and difficulties and much of this can be achieved through preparation and organisation., my darling, are the wind that i did not Anticipate, the wind that has gusted more strongly than i ever imagined possible.