Antiasthmatic Sentence Examples | Use Antiasthmatic in a sentence

1.the amygdalin has high medicinal value because of its effect-ion of antitussive and Antiasthmatic.

2.object to track the effective part of antitussive, expectorant and Antiasthmatic activities of fritillaria hupehensi hsiao et k. c.

3.results: new clinic Antiasthmatic drugs ad better effect and less side effect.

4.nursing experience on chronic obstructive pneumotherapy treated by relieving a cough and Antiasthmatic electuary in points application the course of treatment, antibiotic and Antiasthmatic drugs must be appropriately selected.

6.objective: to observe the antianaphylactin and Antiasthmatic activity of polysaccharide from ophiopgonis tuber ( pot).

7.aim: to study Antiasthmatic effect of heparin.

8.experimental study of shaddock peels extract on Antiasthmatic

9.conclusion yi fei ding chuan capsule has significant expectorant and Antiasthmatic effects.

10.object to track the effective part of antitussive, expectorant and Antiasthmatic activities of fritillaria hupehensi hsiao et k.c.

11.Antiasthmatic effect of heparin

12.objective to study the antitussive and Antiasthmatic effect of compound liquor from tremella aurantialba.

13.methods: antitussive test, expectorant test and Antiasthmatic test were made with sodium taurocholate prepared by conjugating starting compound cholic acid with taurine.

14.the choice of Antiasthmatic drugs is affected by income level and educational level of asthmatics. 2.

15.experimental study on antitussive, Antiasthmatic and expectorant actions of compound glycyrrhiza oral solution medicine with expectorant Antiasthmatic, thirst sheng jin, the role of runchang appetizer.

17.objective: to study antitussive, expectorant and Antiasthmatic actions of qiguanye pill.

18.conclusion: shaddock peels extract has a positive effect in Antiasthmatic, antitussives and expectorant.

19.studies on antitussive, Antiasthmatic and expectorant action of xanthotoxol

20.clinical study on Antiasthmatic effects of pulmicort inhalation

21.objective: to observe Antiasthmatic effects of the alcoholic extract and the aqueous extract of selaginella uncinata.

22.a quantitative dose-effect relationship study of the Antiasthmatic action of sanziyangqintang

23.studies on the Antiasthmatic effect and mechanisms of the total alkaloids from fritillaria hupehensis in guinea pigs

24.conclusion: cdca has antitussive, Antiasthmatic, expectorant actions.

25.[ conclusion] nf has certain antitussive and Antiasthmatic actions.

26.pharmacodynamic study of antitussive and Antiasthmatic film(ⅰ)

27.conclusion huatan jiangqi capsules has significant expectorant, antitussive and Antiasthmatic effects.

28.studies on antitussive, expectorant and Antiasthmatic effects of different menstruum extracts of raphanus seed

29.experimental research of the antitussive and Antiasthmatic effect of methylephedrine hydrochloride is proved that sodium taurocholate has evident antitussive, expectorant and Antiasthmatic effects.

31.experimental studies on expectorant, antitussive and Antiasthmatic effects of huatan jiangqi capsules

32.conclusion the study suggests that souning oral liquid has antitussive, eliminating phlegm and Antiasthmatic effects.

33.conclusion : gs has evident effects of antifebrile , antitussive, expectorant and Antiasthmatic.

34.studies on mechanism of Antiasthmatic and anti-inflammatory actions of cdca

35.the mechanisms may be related to antibacterial, expectorant and Antiasthmatic, improving blood circulation.

36.cold, cough, allergy, bronchodilator, and Antiasthmatic drug products for over-the-counter human use

37.pseudoephedrine and licoflavone might play synergetic effect in Antiasthmatic mechanism by the analysis of hplc.

38.objective: to observe the Antiasthmatic effect of sustained release tablets of theophylline and salbutamol.

39.method: the antitussive, Antiasthmatic and expectorant effects of the mixture were observed by concentrated ammonia water method and phenol red method in mice and spray method in cavies. meanwhile codeine phosphate and ethylenediamine were chosen as control group of positive drug.

40.the extract of peacedanumrubricaule in water also has the Antiasthmatic effect on whole animals.