Answering Sentence Examples | Use Answering in a sentence

1.nay, sir, ' i could not avoid Answering, 'he'll touch nothing, not he: and i suppose he must have his share of the dainties as well as we.

2."of course you know already--about may and me, " he said, Answering her look with a shy laugh. is good that this teacher is not genuinely teaching english as he is only teaching people test paper Answering skills only.

4.since question asking and Answering is one of the classroom teaching activities, it has to be studied in the research on effective teaching. way of Answering this question is to think of what you can deliver to your customers as a brand.

6.right, right. was that fun, was it a lot of. . . are you tired of Answering questions about it? let's not even talk about it, all right?

7.anyway , Answering my own question , it doesn ' t really matter if it ' s a gimmick : if it makes you think , it works.

8.some teams might attempt to avoid Answering the previous questions by trying to "service-enable" everything.

9.develop your thoughts as if you were Answering a series of questions, moving from "what? "

10.some of our work is also dedicated to pr stuff and Answering incoming emails (or at least forwarding it to the person concerned).