Annunciator Sentence Examples | Use Annunciator in a sentence

1.Annunciator unit visually indicating the location of the elevators and whether they are operational.

2.Annunciator is used by the rows of seeding convenient for stalling.

3.phonetic Annunciator based on microwave induction technology

4.this paper introduces a design of one power sup-ply of fire Annunciator.

5.method in which each conductive lead on the contact edge connects to one segment or Annunciator.

6.networked intelligent gas-leak alarm Annunciator

7.the system's function aims at realizing the power equipment monitor and the function of Annunciator to decrease the system run and maintenance cost, increase network safety and make use of the network resource fully. Annunciator is used for receiving the disaster warning and outputting warning sound or optical signal. process the data acquired by system is the most important tache for improving the Annunciator's monitoring veracity.

10.the development of fault Annunciator of digital earthquake observation system

11.which is also can be combined with the monitor and an infrared Annunciator, thereby solving the above problems.

12.check to ensure that all Annunciator lights on each electric control panel operate correctly.

13.a novel high-luminosity led railway Annunciator composed of led array and lens array was studied and developed.

14.the development of software system on intelligent long-distance Annunciator by vb

15.this paper introduces a coil short circuit test set which is made of inductionoscillator generator, coupling circuit and Annunciator circuit.

16.this article introduces the scheme of the backing car Annunciator, which includes hardware design, software design, reliability design and so on.

17.application of leakage coaxial cable in perimeter Annunciator

18.of the sil725 safety Annunciator allows units to be assembled in almost any size and shape to suit the customers' requirements.

19.application of high-low voltage switch power-off analog Annunciator hf electromagnetic compatibility study in hv substations operational with facts equipments

20.optical system of high-luminosity led railway Annunciator of Annunciator controller of auto examining system for marine engine room of the virtual digital oscillograph in marine engine room automation Annunciator system

23.the sensor connecting the led and Annunciator, so it can detect the atmosphere of the coal mine accurately in time and alarm to the potential danger to insure the coal mine security.

24.Annunciator an Annunciator is an accessory device used to give remote indication of the status of an operating component in a system. on the system of quasi distributed optical fiber temperature Annunciator based on rayleigh backscattering get the features of ultraviolet missile approach Annunciator, we performed many simulation experiments. communications interface: matched to capability of remote Annunciator or Annunciator and control panel. and realization of automatic bus stop Annunciator based on bluetooth of multi-circuit scm Annunciator

30.when the temperature exceeded the limitative scope, used trumpet as to Annunciator carried on voice to give an alarm.

31.the problems involved the safety and speed of the system, the design of the weaving plan, static and dynamic purview control and Annunciator.

32.the test set consists of induction-oscillator generator, coupling circuit and Annunciator circuit.

33.the circuits this system needed to control included led show circuit, Annunciator circuit and the circuit to control microwave machine. intelligent Annunciator based on public telephone net

35.the utility model relates to an emergency signal Annunciator for calling help for vehicles, which relates to a vehicle attachment. introduces the application of ic card managing type automatic bus stop Annunciator. of voice Annunciator based on isd 1420

38.the paper introduces the compose, theory and application of Annunciator of multiplex sound and light.