Ann Sentence Examples | Use Ann in a sentence

1.she bought Ann two bras and six pairs of knickers.

2.i enjoy Ann's company and so does martin

3.Ann has arranged for me to go on a blind date this saturday with a man that she knows through work.

4.mary Ann felt painfully inadequate in the crisis.

5.mary Ann smiled at her gamely

6.mary Ann doesn't want to have children. not right now, anyway.

7.a simulation example indicates the forecast precision of the Ann-arma model to be superior to that of the Ann model.

8.Ann began to put the candles on her cake. then she counted them.

9.mary Ann shot him a rueful look

10.Ann wanted the conservatory to integrate with the kitchen

11.mary Ann asked him how dinner had been. 'the pits,' he replied.

12.mary Ann stayed behind the counter helping customers, and finally i left her a note that was just a big question mark on a folded scrap.

13.why couldn't they call you plain Ann or alice like the rest?

14.mary Ann's voice grew shrill.

15.the children actually provide a useful excuse to opt out of tasks which Ann is usually expected to assume.

16.when the boys graduated from high school, Ann moved to a small town in vermont

17.she was conscious of a troubled expression on Ann's face.

18.'nice to meet you,' said michael. 'same here,' said mary Ann

19.'he was a lawyer before that,' mary Ann put in

20.he nodded greetings to mary Ann and michael and shook hands with burke

21.did you get that joke, Ann? i'll explain later

22.the question came out of left field, but mary Ann wasn't really surprised

23.the barman tells me you saw Ann on tuesday morning. is that right?

24.mary Ann turned and rapped on simon's door.'s an exact copy of the one which was found in Ann alice's room.

26.criminologist dr Ann jones has linked the crime to social circumstances

27.they had gone through some rocky times together when Ann was first married of his collaborators was his wife, Ann. was Ann peters' husband that (who) rushed her to a nearby hospital last night.

30.mary Ann wished he would just drop it

31.Ann could remember sitting in the back seat of their car. a cruel twist of fate, Ann's husband bill is also suffering from the disease.

33.'i'll take the grilled tuna,' mary Ann told the waiter.

34.Ann turned over in her bed once more.

35.'i'm waiting for mary Ann,' she said, 'in case you're wondering.'

36.beth-Ann stared at him angrily, her brown eyes piercing him.

37.Ann: the young man said that he was passing the sick man and stopped to ask the sick man what he could do. look terrific, Ann. you really do.

39.knowing how much her own children loved presents at christmas, Ann always tried to seek help for one or two destitute families.

40.mary Ann tore the edge off her napkin