Angelic Sentence Examples | Use Angelic in a sentence

1.this has been a message from the Angelic realm. it's practical and real. we celebrate you, and the entourage in here celebrates you. paul talking here about sort of satanic Angelic powers that ruled the cosmos?

3.but the sin of pride is hated by god whether it is in man or Angelic being.

4.every white-robed Angelic child carried a candle. he noticed that one child's candle was not lighted.

5.that higher self wants you to know, as do we of the Angelic realm, how much you are loved, how important and magnificent you truly are. sang to me and Angelic choirs burst forth in song.

7.but she did have very hypnotic eyes and she had an Angelic sort of aura, and that's what got people.

8.god gives napoleon some new Angelic body.

9.this has been a message from the Angelic realm.

10.children win over our hearts with their Angelic eyes and innocent smiles.

11.there's something Angelic about you now.

12.night, i draw from a labidocera Angelic curvature of a sudden my blood boiling, and wind-off, hair flying in the wind.

13.america when will you be Angelic?

14.since he came to live with me, we have been subject to a campaign of spite and revenge which makes lady sarah appear Angelic by comparison.

15.despite dimples, curly hair, and Angelic features, freddie was never very lovable.

16.marco, where's that Angelic smile of yours?

17.and radiating Angelic charms.

18.i am archangel michael and i speak for the Angelic realm at this time.

19.and in that sacred path, we of the Angelic realm honor you. we await you, and promise to leave the lights on for your serendipitous return.

20.the universe aflame with Angelic ejaculate. Angelic smile; a cherubic face; looking so seraphic when he slept; a sweet disposition.

22.instead of tempering the light, he amp ed up the brightness with off-white walls and a fresh, light rug for an Angelic, ethereal effect. if from a deep sleep, the Angelic humans are awakening: remembering.

24.despite his reputation for bad temper, he was positively Angelic this time. is Angelic, and you dear ones are feeling the frequency of our nature. . . of your source nature in Angelic beingness of sacred light.

26.she cracked an Angelic smile.

27.for those of you who are concerned about what happens to such souls, we can assure you that Angelic beings wait for them to express the desire to return to the light.

28.but when we chant here at the ashram, it's a kind of Angelic singing.

29.but there must be something Angelic in the way i look.

30.paul said that the sunshine behind the clouds just added to the "Angelic effect". do in any event have your Angelic protection, and you can ask them to be present with you at all times. was an Angelic soprano singing the lullaby, which mom sang to the new-born baby. i got up, unaware of where the voice came.

33.the collective energy of light i am speaking of is an Angelic realm that is deeply connected to humanity and earth because it helped to create man and earth.

34.these are some kind of Angelic beings or demonic beings.

35.the prince of persia refers in daniel to some huge Angelic super human being who actually rules persia.

36.Angelic benificence; a beatific smile; a saintly concern for his fellow men; my sainted mother.

37.if i could speak all the human and Angelic tongues, but had no love, i would only be sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.

38.the legendary sword known as the Angelic alliance has been michael's treasured possession since the dark days of the elder wars.

39.watching them breathed evenly and slept peacefully, i cried for those parents in china who lost their children, who will never again see their children's Angelic smiles.