Amendable Sentence Examples | Use Amendable in a sentence

1.e. the amendment or repeal of any resolution of the board which by its express terms is not so Amendable or repeal able. Amendable proportional navigation law for intercepting warhead

3.if revocable , by whom is trust revocable or Amendable?

4.a software testing process model base on parallel developing and feedback Amendable

5.this paper mainly introduced the process of natural attenuation of zinc in soils from the effects of major factors including soil temperature, moisture, ph, organic matter, Amendable and organic materials, chemical fertilizers, cultivating plants, etc.

6.considering from adjusting fuzzy rules, a fuzzy logic controller with Amendable coefficient is designed. an Amendable rule of adversary, the obligation of truthfulness reflects the development of the civil procedure law dialectic. view of the performance control of x aero engine, a dual-mode optimization asymmetry flc ( fuzzy logic controller) which is switchable, Amendable and optional for multi-input is designed.

9.also, this paper studies the Amendable methods of dynamic numeration model, and bring forward that optimized method can revise finite element model, while validating the construed results of structural mode is almost equal to true values.

10.statistic Amendable method of reverse order data of ammunition reliability test

11.objective to evaluate the effect of patients psychosocial behavior with Amendable surgical method in the tumor of parotid gland.

12.high ash coal slurry is low in calorific value and not Amendable to direct use. the results show that the cws rheology of low rank or high ash coal is mainly due to the physical and chemical properties as well as surface structure characteristics of coal. determine the accuracy obtainable from the finite-element method of various order, the eigenvalues of a slab-loaded rectangular waveguide, which is Amendable to an exact analysis, are computed by the first-and second-order method.