Ambitious Sentence Examples | Use Ambitious in a sentence

1.the program is laudably Ambitious.

2.he says it is time to set an even more Ambitious target.

3.this is an Ambitious and intriguing movie, full of striking imagery.

4.analysts say chrome os is an Ambitious long-term strategic move, but any impact on the company's financial performance would be years away.

5.he is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and Ambitious.

6.their goal was extraordinarily Ambitious.

7.he was immensely Ambitious but unable to conceive of winning power for himself.

8.diplomats now expect the mission to be much less Ambitious.

9.he was by his own account an Ambitious workaholic.

10.the Ambitious junior finally decided to leave school in pursuit of more lucrative movie roles by heading for the big apple. much pain each of its 27 members will have to bear over if the eu is to meet Ambitious targets set by national leaders last march.

12.we are looking for an Ambitious young assistant.

13.he's a very Ambitious lad and he wants to play at the highest level.

14.maybe i was too Ambitious to ask the best way to see a glimpse of da vinci's work in venice from someone who didn't seem to care.

15.i'm as Ambitious as the next man. i'd like to manage at the very highest level.

16.the master's vision is so Ambitious and brilliant that i suppose i can be forgiven a few doubts. the later stages of his directorial career, orson welles began work on several Ambitious films.

18.marcus was handsome, dynamic and Ambitious.

19.he is Ambitious and susceptible to flattery. expected my energy level began to wane after a few months on the road, and my original Ambitious itinerary grew a bit shorter.

21.the Ambitious project was completed in only nine months

22.the man has always been very Ambitious.

23.nowadays it's acceptable for women to be Ambitious. but it wasn't then

24.chris is so Ambitious, so determined to do it all

25.she is tough and Ambitious.

26.jeya feels that her Ambitious nature made her unsuitable for an arranged marriage

27.the author qualified the hero as an Ambitious youth.

28.this is an Ambitious vision.

29.american universities currently seem to be the best, judging from the flow of Ambitious students.

30.patriotism: combustible rubbish ready to the torch of any one Ambitious to illuminate his name.

31.mary is Ambitious enough to aspire to conversational fluency in chinese in four months.

32.but asia is Ambitious enough, said producer chen weiming on the side of a press event monday in beijing. 'we're just too far from the u. may be poor but never ceases to be Ambitious.

34.this is an Ambitious piece of work.

35.he has always been Ambitious and fiercely competitive

36.and the count of anjou needed a crown, as he was an Ambitious and accomplished knight, but only a younger brother of the king.

37.he is an Ambitious man.

38.many residents of the capital have come to see it as a rebuke to cctv's Ambitious plans to modernize its image.

39.i agree i am Ambitious, and i don't see that as a pejorative term

40.complex family relationships interweave with a murder plot in this Ambitious new novel