Ambit Sentence Examples | Use Ambit in a sentence

1.the incorporate of tourism, culture and economics will change our life style and the ideas of consumption greatly, and push the people's economic and culture life of the contemporary era to a new Ambit.

2.this maintaining Ambit of self-implying and self-blessing is much better than pure skin care. considers that death compensation is for the loss of future earnings, which falls within the Ambit of property loss compensation rather than moral injury compensation. farewell, concubine, chen dieyi continually took off completely different characters and formed a second nature as the result of his vague cognition of the Ambit between reality and drama.

5.a further 300,000 people die prematurely each year from exposure to poor air indoors, according to advisers, but little discussion of this issue survived in the report because it was outside the Ambit of the chinese ministries which sponsored the research.

6.all things are endowed with natural and mysterious colors in the chaste artistic space, which constructs a pure Ambit.

7.this paper analyzes the mode and the features of kc wong's donation to education and discusses the reasons and motives for the donation in order to gain an insight into his spiritual Ambit.

8.sea boundary, an Ambit of the given sea area delimited by people, has different spatial are- as in different eras.

9.her case falls within the Ambit of moral law.

10.he summoned sublimity to elevate the whole aesthetic Ambit of modern poetry.

11.those moveable properties that are not required to be registered fall within the Ambit of the non-registered to which the traditional rules of personal property keep applying.

12.through religious practice, they hoped to realize religious goals and reach the aesthetic Ambit of the unity of heaven and man ( tian ren he yi).

13.the right tends to blame the left for the supreme court's expanded Ambit, and not unjustly.

14.initial activities to be undertaken under the Ambit of the doc should be confidence-building measures. , retro- vaccinology is just one technique within the Ambit of so- called rational vaccine design .

16.chapter one described in cause, aim, Ambit, approach, and retrospective reference of the research.

17.the development of the fine brushwork figure painting still should contain the traditional Ambit of appreciation of the beauty and the spirit of china humanity.

18.the party's sixth plenary of sixteen session carved out a new Ambit of chinese characteristics socialistic affairs.

19.meanwhile sun li's language art reached a high Ambit of a kind of nonesuch meanings.

20.visits by the royals to new zealand and australia are important for the simple reason that these countries-for all their 21st century vigour and independence-still come within the Ambit of the monarchy which is headquartered at buckingham palace in london.

21.difference between contract law and tort law -- injurious fulfillment : within the Ambit of contract liabilities or tort liabilities ? as an open concept revises Ambit continually and takes on new member.

23.the fund mainly caters for worthwhile non-profit making initiatives within the Ambit of basic education, i.e.pre-primary, primary, secondary and special education.

24.the aesthetic principles of aesthetic consciousness are person-oriented, harmonious, zoology-centered, artistry Ambit.

25.currently discussed in the Ambit of the proposed broadcasting treaty and exceptions and limitations debate.

26.interpretation of "miracles": as the highest Ambit of human body and harmonious movements, dance itself is a miracle. brings them under the Ambit of the banking regulator and reduces the risks they pose to financial stability.

28.fringe benefits, whether made in cash or in kind, do not fall within the Ambit of the survey.

29.this cargo is within the Ambit of export restriction in china, some documents are required to be sent to beijing for approval, the freight will be delayed until next week.

30.the key of government function is to clarify the Ambit and coordinative relation between government and market in innovation action.

31.Ambit [ head or subhead of expenditure] it consists of a series of essay questions covering the scope of the course.

32.meanwhile, it clarifies the limitation of registrations function, namely, the Ambit of influence on validity of related contracts.

33.the court may refuse to entertain a pil if it finds that the issues raised are not within the judicial Ambit or capacity.

34.many hope the court will broaden its geographical Ambit, although any such move will face huge political obstacles.

35.a form of status display that occurs right outside the Ambit of ordinary social events.

36.they believe that all the outstanding issues should fall within the Ambit of the talks.

37.then what made the poet overcome the worry and gain the personality Ambit?

38.remarks: visitor refund requests involving shops whose registration has been suspended or revoked are beyond the Ambit of the tic.