Alumna Sentence Examples | Use Alumna in a sentence

1.dynamic self-optimizing model for fuzzy control of Alumna density is developed using fuzzy rule integrated software and aluminum smelting expert decision and control models are developed using fuzzy expert system software.

2.opencourseware is such great endeavor, and i'm proud to be an Alumna of an institute that supports and encourages education in this way.

3.singapore's most prominent singing sensation and ntu Alumna stefanie sun shares how she became one of asia's brightest stars.

4.bush. yale law Alumna hillary clinton is considered a front runner for the 2008 democratic presidential nomination.

5.this afternoon after finishing all affairs in the coastal city, i went back to the dorm and saw a message from wenhan, telling me that our Alumna who also studies in ireland might have failed to help us book a room.

6.invite a least one rotary foundation alumnus or Alumna to join your club.

7.but the most interesting aspect of mayor adrian fenty's choice is that ms rhee is an Alumna of an outfit called teach for america.

8.the high combustion temperatures melt together the coal ash ( largely silica and Alumna) and calcium sulfide solids to form an inert slag that drains from the bottom of the boiler.

9.through sem analysis the main reason of strength regression of bfs solid state under high temperature is due to the uneven growth of crystallization of hydrates of silicon calcic rock and calcium Alumna rock and finally occurs under the high stress condition at the later period of solid state.

10.the award is intended to celebrate a foundation alumnus or Alumna whose extraordinary service activities and professional achievements exemplify the rotary ideal of service above self. we have to live outside campus for several days. therefore, we asked the Alumna to help us book a room.

12.these memories will always recall the fact i am an hkust Alumna.

13.according to thickeners 'production process and requirements in Alumna process, this paper explores one technology with common instrument and purging on-line inspection principle, realizing on-line inspection of thickeners' turbid level and settling density.

14.the addition of reactive elements ( re) can have a significant effect on the oxidation behavior of the alloys of Alumna and chromia former.

15.our Alumna cheung nim-che, erika (english journalism) and her husband, kwok shu-kin, david had a car accident in detroit of usa recently. is, therefore, for me a profound honor to be counted as an Alumna. alumni and Alumna are present at my birthday party.

18."everyone is aligned that stuy is a difficult place, but people are much more forgiving than people think they are, " the Alumna said.

19.the adsorption isotherms of tyrosine and phenylalanine at the silica gel ( Alumna)/ water interfaces are s type, and the adsorbed amounts are 10-3 times lower than on the active carbon/ water interface.

20.taiyimarmu is in adelaide to attend an international Alumna gathering.

21.recinos and a fellow ugrad Alumna, fatima soriano, received a "building a better future" fulbright grant to create and teach two classes. wife is an Alumna of national taiwan university.

23.kathy matsui, a harvard Alumna who is now one of the most senior economists in japan, confirms: the number of japanese students studying abroad has plummeted.