Alternately Sentence Examples | Use Alternately in a sentence

1.the two methods can be used Alternately.

2.the ministerial conference takes place every three years in china and africa Alternately.

3.Alternately, all dimensions and measures can be created in one report as separate queries within the report.

4.the results of past studies on this subject have been Alternately predictable and startling. send blocks of data Alternately to two or more stations on a multipoint circuit.

6.both functional units are Alternately parallel arranged to become one composition.

7.each diagonal pair of legs is raised and returned to the ground Alternately , with cadence and a prolonged suspension.

8.carefully remove the sealing ring from both holes Alternately.

9.Alternately, you can copy and paste from the wp editor into your editor instead of downloading.

10.use these eye-drops Alternately, and use the eye ointment at night.

11.the gait of a human being or other biped in which the feet are lifted Alternately with one part of a foot always on the ground.

12.the dancers Alternately arched and hunched their backs.

13.samoa's climate is sultry, Alternately sunny and rainy, but always hot and humid.

14.they were deglycerolized by Alternately centrifuging and mixing; he planted fir and pine trees Alternately.

15.they were deglycerolized by Alternately centrifuging and mixing;

16.he paced about with his head bent forward and his hands Alternately clasped behind him or cupped prayerfully in front of him. deltas distributed in gently slopes and braided river deltas develop Alternately in all stages.

18.i own two flats where i used to dwell Alternately.

19.for all i knew, some idiot turk Alternately lit and extinguished a lamp outside that window to provide me with this illusion.

20.Alternately, gnuplot can read commands from a file and produce graphs in batch mode.

21.i have Alternately been shivering with cold and burning with heat.

22.can only touch the ground Alternately with two shoulder rotation, and the hands can be placed on other parts of the body.

23.the results are fascinating, Alternately rife with political irony and revealing of a chinese reality not always apparent to outsiders.

24.Alternately, you can use the context menu from the procedure under the server explorer connection.

25.Alternately emptying or zeroing your hosts files will have the same effect.

26.front-wheel tramp, also called high-speed shimmy . this condition causes the front wheels to move up and down Alternately.

27.a servo drive pulls the two flanks Alternately in longitudinal direction, thus moving the wing up and down.

28.Alternately, we can cut across the system in an entirely orthogonal way.

29.Alternately, you can load static data into an execution group's jvm heap, so that the data can be shared by multiple flows deployed in an execution group.

30.chinese approach sex with an attitude that seems Alternately more prudish and more open than that of westerners.

31.the presence of dunes or antidunes in streams Alternately decreases and increases the local depth.

32.dances and recitations of poems are performed Alternately.

33.activities may Alternately use a domino database for file attachments and large objects.

34.since the identity element of a monoid is unique, one can Alternately define the identity function on m to be this identity element.

35.a rubber damper is disposed in a space between the pawls arranged Alternately in the circumferential direction of the two half members.

36.each diagonal pair of feet is raised and returned to the ground Alternately, with spring and an even cadence.

37.also want to maintain half minutes, practice 20 minutes Alternately repeatedly so. animal's heart keeps up the circulation of the blood by Alternately contracting and expanding.

39.two maids were allocated to look after him Alternately. effect, it translates the program line-by-line, Alternately reading lines and carrying out commands.