Altering Sentence Examples | Use Altering in a sentence

1.the process of artificially Altering the colour to green involves irradiating which can also occur naturally.

2.each user can choose a perl version by Altering the path variable.

3.aircraft can avoid each other by going up and down, as well as by Altering course to left or right

4.researchers theorize that the enzyme may be able to break up the protein that forms the memory-Altering deposits on the brain. provides a number of user configurable plug-ins for Altering the behavior of the grid.

6.Altering the action associated with the ok button can do this.

7.chain consists of rules that specify Altering of packets just as they are about to leave the firewall.

8.pollution in asia is changing global climate patterns by Altering the chemistry of the atmosphere, scientists say.

9.concerned with the ecological effects of Altering the environment.

10.the process behind the assimilation and distribution of knowledge is alresdy Altering.

11.yes, some people reported that they felt so good when they exercised that it was as if they had taken mood-Altering drugs. can enhance performance by Altering the table to use this append option.

13.human activities are disturbing both the structure and functions of ecosystems and Altering native biodiversity.

14.moving the cursor or Altering its attributes can be helpful in unix shell scripts or at the command line.

15.matt has provided instructions on how to fix this by Altering the regular expressions used in the library. change the weight by Altering the default settings.

17."the idea of racial and ethnic diversity Altering the kind of conversation that goes on in the classroom is so overrated, " he said.

18.yes, of course. what i've done is change a glass of water into a full-grown oak tree without Altering the accidents of the glass of water.

19.this is also a good way of Altering your diet to cure your bad breath as well.

20.dynamically responding to changing business conditions by Altering the rules and decisions governing the business. Altering just a single residue to reverse its charge, the researchers were actually able to switch the selectivity of the filter.

22.they also have logging and Altering mechanisms, as well as simple installation and setup procedures. have to adjust yourself to changing terrain and speed by Altering your movements. are moving so far ahead of the dark ones, that they have no hope of Altering the outcome.

25.a lensed apparatus for Altering the mode field of an optical signal is disclosed.

26.this option is important when trying to quickly get into the flows of the message without significantly Altering the behavior.

27.this paper explains the relationship between the narrowing and filling of information gap and the extending and Altering of schema knowledge.

28.the process behind the assimilation and distribution of knowledge is already Altering.

29.the greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by Altering his attitude. would be a life-Altering experience for her and for you.

31.testosterone therapy can decrease blood glucose levels, potentially Altering insulin requirements in diabetic patients.

32.these were mostly related to unfamiliarity and compatibility, but many questions related to Altering settings.

33.this gene regulation is accomplished by epigenetic processes that control gene expression without Altering dna. also must be presented with a white background and have the possibility of Altering the size.

35.try adapting to the time zone of your destination by Altering your sleeping habits before you leave.

36.something is definitely Altering this planet's weather.

37.furthermore, ectopic expression of rep1 caused the asymmetrical overdifferentiation of the palea cells, Altering their floral asymmetry.

38.our habits are a very powerful tool, and when used to our benefit can be life Altering.

39.this adds the needed function without significantly Altering the original code, possibly with lower cost and less risk.

40.a similarly career-Altering business circumstance for a security professional might be a publicized data breach.