Alteration Sentence Examples | Use Alteration in a sentence

1.the Alteration of industrial structure is an important factor that affects economic development.

2.thus, as it appears, an Alteration must be interposed before the true nature of the object can be discovered. the case of any Alteration, extension or loss procedures, the releasing authority after the adjustment shall accept the applications.

4.the unwelcome Alteration in their circumstances was after all not altogether without its compensations. relation to any heating equipment, any Alteration of any part of such equipment or any change in the type of fuel used therein.

6.this certificate shall be considered null and void in case of any Alteration.

7.based on the land utilization Alteration data in shifang city, the land utilization dynamic change situation was analyzed.

8.the plaintiff is of legally interested in revocation or Alteration of the specific administrative action.

9.have you noticed any Alteration in her behaviour?

10.Alterations in the ore district include mineralizing hydrothermal Alteration and regional low-temperature Alteration.

11.the heat and pressure from igneous intrusion cause the Alteration of surrounding rocks.

12.however, i can tell you why we have policies governing the Alteration of photographs. charge of some equipments technic Alteration and disfigurement correction, set and update equipment archives.

14.but competition, competition-new invention, new invention Alteration, Alteration the world's gone past me.

15.this research represents the first time depression has been eliminated through genetic Alteration of an organism.

16.there is a structural Alteration to the building.

17.the result of Alteration or modification.

18.her jacket was at the boutique waiting for Alteration.

19.the orebody occurred below quaternary, mineralization is closely related to tectonic activity and Alteration.

20.light reveals the subtle Alteration of things, the sly or calamitous impermanence or mortal life.

21.the guidance significance of silicified Alteration and mineralization enrichment to ore prospecting is also discussed.

22.the unauthorized Alteration of certain system files is one of the symptoms of an active attack, or compromise upon a system.

23.Alteration of cell cycle and apoptosis rate was defected by flow cytometry.

24.aim at the distinctness of design Alteration procedure in current code and standard, put forward some opinion.

25.the next Alteration to the webmail would be for the client to be able to set certain hours that the auto response would be sent.

26.ore bodies consists of au-bearing quartz veins and the Alteration rocks between them and ore grade depends on number of the quartz vein.

27.we will make the Alteration now.

28.cancergrams: ck11 mechanisms of carcinogenesis: macromolecular Alteration and repair.

29.the another a few people is prepared for a such a lifetime middle significant Alteration morning then.

30.the structural Alterations made to the house were planned with gail's help.

31.any Alteration to dna that can potentially result in a change in the function of one or more genes.

32.prices may be subject to Alteration

33.neither party shall make any material Alteration to the terms of any insurance without the prior approval of the other parry.

34.the degree to which the human alters the world is consistent and simultaneous with the Alteration of human himself.

35.making some simple Alterations to your diet will make you feel fitter

36.besides, the Alteration anomalies were extracted from etm remote sensing data for this region. indefinite Alteration had come over his whole person and manner.

38.the single Alteration in the experiment incorporated the phenomenon of social validation.

39.she felt that she had arranged every thing extremely well, and that any Alteration must be for the worse.

40.the study and application of the remote sensing technology on Alteration information extraction and metallogenic prediction