Alter Sentence Examples | Use Alter in a sentence

1.this method can Alter the data structure of the results.

2.use the set statement to Alter existing fields in the logical tree or to create them in circumstances where they do not already exist. what might Alter that precipitation pattern?

4.can you Alter this suit for me?

5.the fact that she had become wealthy did not tempt her to Alter her frugal way of life. can Alter the size of its event horizon.

7.will you Alter this dress?

8.barry humphries's Alter ego dame edna has taken the us by storm.

9.only by acceptance of the past, can you Alter it.

10.but it does not Alter my agreement with the emperor.

11.the relationships you build and the decisions you make will Alter the story as you uncover the dark secret of vampire high.

12.the obsolete Alter statement provides the same function as evaluate.

13.changes like that will completely Alter the play from the original "teahouse". and exercise will Alter your shape

15.mila for this reason has long collecting many native american pieces for her Alter, along with her jewelry collection.

16.just as elijah finished his prayer and everyone stood silently watching, fire burst out of the Alter and everything was covered in flames.

17.Alter destiny? you believe that? you know, that was out of your control. the only thing you can control are your own choices.

18.they have never Altered their programmes by a single day.

19.even if you are able to Alter one course of events.

20.this means you just need to look at this api and Alter it slightly.

21.a change, either to correct an error or to Alter a part of an agreement without changing the principal idea or essence.

22.he denounces people who urge him to Alter his ways

23.little had Altered in the village

24.the computer can Alter the serials librarian and produce a bindery notice.

25.i think we shall have to Alter our plan.

26.he is unlikely to Alter his game plan.

27.the current division of labor between workers and management will Alter. was an almost desperate need to Alter or to stop the negative cycle of events which seemed to dominate my relationships and my life.

29.write permission includes the ability to Alter or delete an object. doing translation, one should not Alter the meaning of the original to suit one's own taste.

31.they say this demonstrates how language can Alter the way we see the world.

32.she is, first and foremost, her husband's Alter ego.

33.this section explains how to use the different tools and brushes that Alter the height of the terrain.

34.and if the timing is elastic, how much might these variables Alter the ultimate date of passage: by years, or only by days? can also Alter text from the command line using patterns, replace, and sed. was the suggestion that he might Alter course to win an election that really nettled him.

37.similarly, each post-sc function can examine and Alter the return value.

38.the bank and fortress reserve the right to Alter or terminate the offer and amend the terms and conditions at any time.

39.inotherwords, there's no easy to edit or Alter that workflow on the file system.

40.trying to relate to a stubborn person doesn't require you to Alter your values.