Allowing Sentence Examples | Use Allowing in a sentence

1.they proactively take control of their schedule so that they are at their best, rather than Allowing their schedules to control them and their family life.

2.medicaid would be transformed into a "block grant" to the states, Allowing them much more discretion over how the money is spent.

3.wi also provides access to authentication services, Allowing applications to authenticate users and manage groups and roles.

4.strike the arc, then lift the electrode up for a moment or two, Allowing a few drops of electrode to fall from the tip.

5.imagine Allowing your parents to be that with you and how much more mature it will make you feel. Allowing the sacred mystery to unfold without trying to tamper with it, we can move through anything with much more ease and simplicity. eventing system Allowing the widgets to communicate with each other on the page by publishing and catching events.

8.there is a potential educational benefit in Allowing pictures to tell the story, rather than the spoken word.

9.the authorities have failed so far to enact a law Allowing unrestricted emigration you can see at a glance if anyone has invented them yet, Allowing you to gauge how much of a priority you can give these technologies.

11.the government passed laws Allowing the police to tap telephones

12.they will ask you to sign a declaration Allowing your doctor to disclose your medical details.

13.and beijing seems to be committed to Allowing wages to rise in its export industries.

14.these partitions save money and provide flexibility by Allowing partitions to shared i/ o resources.

15.underdeveloped countries should be assisted by Allowing them access to modern technology.

16.our officers are moving them along and not Allowing them to gather in large groups.

17.this significantly extended the reach of the notes client, Allowing you to instantly communicate and collaborate with others.

18.the red cross has arranged two local ceasefires, Allowing non-combatants to receive medical help.

19.the regional parliament threw down a new challenge to the central authorities by passing a law Allowing private ownership of businesses

20.this method accepts a sax errorhandler implementation, Allowing you the ability to intercept and respond to errors.

21.thank you for writing and Allowing me to clarify the present position

22.the settings are very easy to use and follow, Allowing for easy and ample customization of the clock. do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and Allowing that goodness to emerge.

24.i haven't even begun to think about quitting, or having a last hurrah, or Allowing my career to wind down.

25.the ball was bobbled momentarily, Allowing holloway to race home.

26.he said it was just not permissible to postpone the main issue by Allowing business to carry on as usual.

27.while never Allowing herself to be seen to be needing help, she did take advice, and relied quite heavily on trusted experts.

28.cockburn engaged in a flight of fancy, never once Allowing facts to get in the way.

29.this opens the table editor, Allowing you to modify and save the table.

30.a dialog will appear Allowing you to search for another user.

31.he made a mistake by Allowing his anger to get the better of him.

32.mark does have a habit of Allowing his temperament to get the better of him

33.Allowing division and multiplication, multiple functions, accounts and operators.

34.nevertheless, the fear of imminent defaults has led some politicians to call for a federal law Allowing states to declare bankruptcy. can sell it to them at a set wholesale price, Allowing them to mark it up for retail

36.i admired her all the more for Allowing them to ridicule her and never striking back

37.the best method, researchers note, is to put the child to bed awake Allowing them to "self-soothe" and fall asleep on their own. will take an hour to reach the airport, Allowing for traffic delay.

39.the government is Allowing the areas of inshore coastal waters to be explored for oil and gas.

40.i would like to thank them for Allowing me to develop their original idea