Allowed Sentence Examples | Use Allowed in a sentence

1.he told a diplomat that he might withdraw if he were Allowed to keep part of a disputed oil field

2.but they are Allowed to run with the bike to one of tire change stations placed around the course. trained teams then change the tire.

3.can they be Allowed to violate rules and regulations at will?

4.critics say he Allowed the police and security forces to disregard human rights.

5.the state of affairs must not be Allowed to continue.

6.i hold to my belief that people should be Allowed to have private lives

7.players should be Allowed to earn money from advertising

8.earrings must not be excessive and are the only form of jewelry Allowed in visible piercings.

9.for the next week, i'm not Allowed to be in the sunlight, and i have to sleep in a wooden box lined with dirt from transylvania.

10.they were Allowed to intermarry

11.he had not been Allowed to read any book until his mother had vetted it.

12.i Allowed myself to acknowledge my true feelings

13.the important element i need to stay in one place is to be Allowed to work in my own way. so far i have had that at lazio.

14.when i first got back from iraq, i had people asked me if i was Allowed to carry a gun because i'm just a girl.

15.truman Allowed him to stagger on for nearly another two years.

16.children are not Allowed in.

17.i'm no longer Allowed to smoke in any room which he currently occupies.

18.officials had not been Allowed to monitor the voting

19.i Allowed her to help me to my feet he was still not Allowed to run a company, his wife became its nominal head

21.i begged to be Allowed to leave is an intolerable situation and it can't be Allowed to go on

23.ferguson hinted recently that smith may be Allowed to leave united if a club comes in for him and that has reignited boro's interest.

24.sorry, traveler's check are not Allowed to be cashed in our hotel. you could have this service in the bank.

25.whether nick should be Allowed to continue doing this or not is really a problem. there seem to be two sides regarding the argument.

26.the aggressors must not be Allowed to hold on to the territories of other countries.

27.he cannot be Allowed to dictate what can and cannot be inspected

28.smoking is not Allowed here.

29.the thread that generated the breakpoint instruction or exception must not be Allowed to execute during the synchronization process. a concession to his reasonable demand, the doctor Allowed him to work.

31.because her grades were quite good, the orphanage decided to let her continue her studies and Allowed her to go to the high school in town.

32.matthew Allowed himself a wry smile

33.only a few journalists were Allowed inside.

34.after two weeks, i was Allowed home, where i convalesced for three months.

35.she Allowed victory to slip from her grasp.

36.if she refuses to follow rules about car safety, she won't be Allowed to use the car.

37.she and her youngest son were finally Allowed to be reunited with their family

38.we have Allowed spending and borrowing to rise in this recession.

39.he would not be Allowed to leave the country