Allow Sentence Examples | Use Allow in a sentence

1.Allow me to introduce dr amberg.

2.he would not Allow anyone to make him into a political plaything for their own ends.

3.the children are not Allowed to watch violent tv programmes the list of protocols that appear, select which ones are fast enough for you to Allow previews to be generated.

5.the compromise will Allow him to continue his free market reforms.

6.i asked her if she would Allow me to interview her, and she readily agreed

7.don't Allow a minor irritation in the workplace to mar your ambitions

8.smoking will not be Allowed.

9.god may Allow you total freedom, but that does not mean that you can treat others just as you wish.

10.please Allow 28 days for delivery have to Allow for a certain amount of error geithner said the white house would Allow taxes on top earners to increase in 2011 as part of an effort to bring down the u.

13.the government will Allow them to advertise on radio and television

14.we think lower german interest rates in due course will Allow european currencies to depreciate against the dollar bloc. can instruct your bank to Allow a third party to remove money from your account.

16.he should be Allowed the occasional treat.

17.jaxb is robust enough to Allow you to name anonymous types as you need to via the binding file.

18.Allow me to buy you a drink at the bar.

19.she said this would Allow more effective planning.

20.don't Allow him to have a look.

21.if the soil is Allowed to dry out the tree could die.

22.would you Allow me a week, to see if my daughter is fine with the model the way it is? never Allow personal problems to affect your performance

24.they refused to Allow republicans to offer amendments, effectively shutting them out of the process

25.when arranging our work, we should Allow for unforeseen circumstances.

26.we've chartered the aircraft in the hopeful anticipation that the government will Allow them to leave. like chocolates or flowers are Allowed

28.warren also Allows that capitalist development may, in its early stages, result in increased social inequality.

29.i wish i could find the words that would Allow me to express how much i appreciate your thoughtfulness. much must we Allow for the shrink?

31.he won't Allow himself to fail

32.they will be Allowed home could you Allow him to do something like that?, a video-streaming website owned by google, is trying to cut deals with studios that would Allow it to rent newly released films. Allow the extinction of any particular species could prove to be a fatal mistake to the long-term survival of mankind.

36.if you won't let me pay for a taxi, then at least Allow me to lend you something

37.easy-to-use on-machine troubleshooting and diagnostics Allow plant operators to quickly overcome conditions that may arise.

38.the united states and canada may enter into an agreement that would Allow easier access to jobs across the border also would Allow the company to leverage its distributed-computing infrastructure to help clients slim down their internal data centers.