Allotting Sentence Examples | Use Allotting in a sentence

1.under the condition of a new personnel Allotting system, tangshan teachers college deepens actively the interior income distribution system, and has established various distribution stimulation system adapting to the characteristics of the college.

2.the fundamental principle and model of rbac are analysed. then introduces the fundamental methods of Allotting the user roles and role permission. finally presents an applicable model to realize the user authorization management using rbac in the data backup system. guarantee as being a kind of means for Allotting again the civil income, it is consistent with the revenue in fair allotment.

4.if you are always running late, sit down with a pencil and paper to see how you are actually Allotting your time.

5.if you are always running late, sit down with a pencil and paper and see how you are actually Allotting your time.

6.elp method applied in Allotting the resources of enterprises informatization

7.studied the strategy of profit Allotting among virtual enterprise by learning of the bargaining between two members.

8.what is elegant about it is that it mimics our real-life behaviour in Allotting our time. it is simple, intuitive, and real-time.

9.through rational Allotting and cooperative mechanism, we should construct the office operating mechanism to help develop the efficiency.

10.establishing rational Allotting system, and regarding and reinforcing cultivation of leader of speciality in young and middle-aged teachers;

11.the managers of university administration make efforts on Allotting, organizing and using the limited education resources reasonably and fully, and realize the university spirit in the end.

12.Allotting more to the rural and agriculture in the secondary distribution of the public revenue;

13.studied the strategy of profit Allotting among strategic alliance by learning of the bargaining between the third party logistics and other enterprises. on the risk mechanism in the virtual enterprise profit-Allotting

15.finally, practical suggestions are put forward on the key points of running education lottery and Allotting money.

16.two rf output port, offsetting or Allotting output for option.

17.finally, we offer the idea of several methods of Allotting incremental benefit of land, such as combining one-off compensation and sustained compensation, participating in allocation according to contribution and making a distinction between public interest and productiveness and so on different compensation standards.

18.probes into the method of distributing the incentives among team, which is based on the dynamic Allotting team role.'s important to respect the distance by Allotting the time you really need.

20.the effectiveness of operating cost approach in cost calculation and Allotting has been proved in the manufacturing industry. a performance evaluation index, eva have great effect on Allotting the long-term capital and the inspirit system.

22.the methods of traditional cost management of an enterprise is limited in the control of production cost in production field, whose weakness lies its indirect cost collection and Allotting methods.

23.i know, this sounds very arrogant -- Allotting my time out to specific groups of people as if it were some precious and priceless resource.

24.Allotting land to homesteaders; allot blame.

25.many argued that production sharing contracts Allotting oil and gas output between governments and oil companies, now standard in most resource-rich countries, would fall out of use.

26.have to allot water when getting from changjiang; experts are now studying water Allotting system.

27.this essay analyzes the major problems concerning the acquisition, Allotting, development, performance evaluation, incentive mechanism of human resource. can regulate the Allotting of social interests as well as the assignmet of social labor. set up and improve the just Allotting system becomes the core requests in further adjustment in benefits configuration while promoting the social harmonious development.

30.the paper introduces the basic theory of hungary algorithm, puts it into the project concerning best Allotting and brings forward the c++ program which can solve the problem.

31.on the basis of getting clear the source of incremental benefit of land, we analyse the actuality and problems of incremental benefit during land expropriation, and offer some imaginable proposals about fairly Allotting incremental benefit of land.

32.a type of software Allotting pulses method for stepper motor has been presented in the paper.

33.the act of distributing by Allotting or apportioning.

34.according to the practical need of the design of the photoelectricity detect system, the analysis method of Allotting the yawp for the photoelectricity detector is brought forward in the paper.

35.the national magisterial research assessment system has three objectives: prospering academic, providing a reference or basis for Allotting research funds and the reform of research funds distribution system, assessing the research quality and impact of universities and research institutions.

36.fourth, rationally Allotting medical resources and establishing the concept of appropriate medical technique and giving the priority to technical development.

37.nowadays, the model of Allotting burden of medical dispute law is a model called reverse distributing.

38.dont just make appointments for meetings, but also for tasks that you need to do. this not only reminds you, but has the added benefit of Allotting time to get the work done.