Allotment Sentence Examples | Use Allotment in a sentence

1.a proportional share, as of goods, assigned to a group or to each member of a group; an Allotment.

2.the strategic Allotment and the on-line offering will adopt fixed price offering. hair and increase the Allotment, oiling, drying production line.

4.consummating the social Allotment to provide a fine social groundwork for impartial execution.

5.resource optimization Allotment is a key issue for maintenance support of combat unit.

6.the public public finance is a governmental Allotment behavior, its direct body now the will of the government.

7.the Allotment of the company's shares to its employees is still to be decided.

8.that is, while we are given our own Allotment of time on this physical plane.

9.the next day, brown said, the use of the Allotment by the government-funded mobile phone number of a public officer is too many.

10.the issuance, maturity, or repurchase of bonds, or the Allotment of shares in accordance with regulations.

11.using property right theory and principal-agent theory in economics, this paper studies the issue of property right deployment and benefit Allotment of genetic resources.

12.this scheme combined static authority Allotment with dynamic access authorization, solving the restriction of traditional authority management system. the fire was always going out on me i soon used up my Allotment of wood.

14.Allotment without compulsion& this is not commandism.

15.much to our surprise, we were able to secure a small Allotment of these exquisite coins.

16.local sprint retail stores, even those with an Allotment of 60 units, sold out in just an hour or two.

17.the corpus part of this paper discussed tax planning in the greatest four realms: financing, investment, management and profits Allotment.

18.the actual application indicates that this model is valid in solving the problem of anti-aircraft gun group's firepower Allotment.

19.the electric power transports with Allotment since in brief economic, again easy to control, regulate, measure.

20.torture of any kind. i've used up my lifetime Allotment.

21.balance of Allotment planning and payout budget for national natural science foundations guarantee as being a kind of means for allotting again the civil income, it is consistent with the revenue in fair Allotment.

23.different from profit allocation, this kind of Allotment embodies the basic spirit of duty.

24.the Allotment was made on sunday.

25.within minutes the scattered boats lay still, and the seascape takes on an air of quiet industry, a watery Allotment land. this my prison, or just my Allotment.

27.there should be control figures and an Allotment of quotas.

28.among them, production is the jumping-off point, consumption is the end-point, Allotment and exchange is medium.

29.for the avoidance of doubt, we do not accept any special instruction written on this provisional Allotment letter.

30.what is your Allotment in the work? on the Allotment mechanic of catastrophe risk reinsurance

32.women shall be equal with men in the Allotment of housing and enjoyment of welfare benefits.

33.but the factory power supply is the supply and the Allotment which points the electric power that factory need.

34.his meager Allotment of gas had to be saved for emergencies.

35.research on multi-objective optimization of firepower Allotment for antiaircraft system

36.your Allotment was three hundred dollars.

37.therefore a landlord must receive the same Allotment of land and property as does a peasant and must be made to learn productive labour and join the ranks of the nation's economic life.

38.consideration issue [ listing method] the strategic Allotment and the on-line offering will adopt fixed price offering.

39.application of incentives mechanism in bonus Allotment of nurses in operating room

40.results of quota Allotment will be published on this website within 15 working days after the result of each selection exercise is known .