Allocation Sentence Examples | Use Allocation in a sentence

1.application load, garbage collection concurrency, locality, and Allocation efficiencies can all influence application performance. consequently provides great awareness and informed decision making on the Allocation and assignment of global human resources.

3.ukraine used to get its gas Allocation from soviet planners and continued to expect the same after independence.

4.the only consideration you have to deal with is the difference between the supplied Allocation for the child and its requirement. much cpu and memory Allocation is required?

6.we also laid out a framework for the future which we call the capital Allocation strategy.

7.dynamically optimize the resource Allocation ( cpu and memory) for an application portfolio.

8.a formal structure also promotes division of responsibilities and efficient planning and Allocation of activities.

9.on the market, it regulates the balance and Allocation of resources spontaneously. pursuit of product development and optimize the Allocation of resources the main line;

11.both have highly sophisticated people and resource Allocation, and both employ tracking systems to monitor and ensure efficiency.

12.the Allocation interfaces allocate a given amount of storage from the heap, but have different parameters and semantics.

13.therefore, when a process loads, it gets an initial Allocation of memory up to a certain address, called the system break.

14.this fractional Allocation of resources ensures maximum flexibility.

15.the us wants to see a "more fair and efficient Allocation of credit and capital" in china, he said.

16.the model was solved using a tabu search strategy and a wagon-flow Allocation network.

17.each of these aspects has required a major effort of implementation and Allocation of resources.

18.this article analyzed the gender difference of health demand, budget Allocation and service benefit from gender perspective.

19.his sons quarrelled bitterly over the Allocation of family resources

20.make public the lending restrictions and quota Allocation methodology in order to improve transparency and predictability.

21.reasonable power structure and effective power Allocation have always been important issues in both theory and practice.

22.the optimum power Allocation algorithm, with channel capacity as destination function, was given out.

23.this is true for both resource Allocation and consistency of either two classes.

24.this approach to disk Allocation adds complexity, but the benefit is flexibility.

25.we can let our aix power systems automatically adjust memory Allocation based on workload and demand.

26.the aid Allocation for pakistan was still under review

27.during rationing we had a sugar Allocation. planning and land Allocation had to be coordinated.

29.alignment of it resources with their cost can determine the profitability and Allocation of cost per department or user. your current portfolio Allocation to see what percentage of your assets is domestic versus international.

31.fcfs algorithm for each queue from ready to select a first cohort to enter the process, which the Allocation of cpu, to make it run.

32.the network bandwidth optimal Allocation mechanism in new generation network is investigated in this paper.

33.but since the city has yet to spend its stimulus Allocation, it could opt for a year-round effort to target the most isolated teenagers.

34.with capital socialization, social resources are occupied and managed togetherness, wealth' Allocation tends to socialization.

35.the kernel provides other functions for per-cpu locking and dynamic Allocation of variables.

36.quality of service improves with virtualization as rapid Allocation of resources to the business takes place in a lesser time.

37.collectively, these entities describe the structure and Allocation of significant activity in the operational enterprise. the state tends to be less cautious in its Allocation of water than victoria or south australia.

39.this resource-rich it environment leads us to new and better ways to plan for optimal resource Allocation.

40.dynamic logical partitioning provides this necessary flexibility to control resource Allocation.