Alleyway Sentence Examples | Use Alleyway in a sentence

1.there is an Alleyway connecting parking area a and b.

2.this place is like an Alleyway in hell; with so much naked savagery and violence, it gives us a concentrated glimpse of all the sicknesses in chinese society.

3.her shrieks followed them all the way along the twisting Alleyway out into bright sunlight.

4.hidden in a hard-to-find Alleyway, just down the road from the bustling wudaokou subway station, is a tiny tea house.'s located in a patch of a recently renovated picturesque Alleyway between walled courtyard homes in the old city.

6.a rear Alleyway was enclosed wth a glass roof to create a well-lit interior living room.

7."you know what'll i say? " i am surprised of his answer. do not since he knows why the meeting remains, belong to his Alleyway in this? that is what i did, i took the first Alleyway and went into the first tea house like restaurant that i could find.

9.stone peel Alleyway, long and deep.

10.on tuesday morning, crosstalk fans and students of the renowned artist filled the Alleyway house to attend its opening ceremony.

11.leaning hard on the steering wheel and crashing his gears, fisher scraped half the paint off the flank of the car as he forced it up the Alleyway in pursuit.

12.leaving the slum behind her, she turned into a squalid Alleyway.

13.not far from the beach, we came to a local farming village where traditional architecture was on display down every narrow Alleyway., i followed her into the club, behind the bar, through the kitchen and out through the rear door into an Alleyway, with her running and screaming the whole time.

15.yesterday morning i was in a very upmarket part of london for a client meeting and i saw a young woman sleeping in an Alleyway.

16.the colours are from the de stijl book of dos and don'ts, yet the angles culminate in a glazed point in an Alleyway that would not pass any functionalist exam.

17.this Alleyway is known to be quite dangerous.'s tucked away down an Alleyway, just next to a shed where punting poles, oars and cushions are hired out.

19.louis: absolutely. i was waiting for you in that Alleyway, watching you watching me. and then you began to speak.

20.trev: they were hanging out in the Alleyway near the car mechanic's. not since he knows why the meeting remains, belong to his Alleyway in this?

22.the pungent smell of the aptly named local treat wafted around the corner, along the narrow Alleyway and straight up my nostrils.

23.anyway, i started walking down the Alleyway, and luckily the street lamps were still on.

24.she tried to follow me, but i lost her in a secluded Alleyway.

25.the cobblestone Alleyway echoed their footsteps.

26.they spoke softly and glanced warily around Alleyway corners to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

27.after midnight she stands there in her black rig rooted to the spot. back of her is the little Alleyway that blazes like an inferno.

28.there's an Alleyway in taipei at ho ping and ruian.

29.the attackers pounced on or upon them in a dark Alleyway.

30.i once saw an Alleyway chef in shanghai turn a basketball-sized clump of dough into hand-pulled noodles for a table of eight, amid a blur of arm movements in under a minute. have anonymous sex in a dark Alleyway is to pay homage to the dream of male freedom.

32.he promised to flush out his opponents "street by street, Alleyway by Alleyway" .

33.behind the pub is a small Alleyway with trash cans and a brick wall. it is through this wall that the magic portal opens to take visitors into diagon alley.

34.three short years ago, a friend and i found the newborn, swaddled in several layers of clothing and abandoned in a shanghai Alleyway.

35.the dusk halation is said that the colour photo is in this silently dreadful Alleyway through, i stretch out the wing healing gradually.

36.there is an Alleyway that is blocked off but you can find the items.