Allegorical Sentence Examples | Use Allegorical in a sentence

1.a dramatic entertainment, usually performed by masked players representing mythological or Allegorical figures, that was popular in england in the16th and early17th centuries.

2.the medieval notion that there are four senses of the text, literal is always one, Allegorical is always one, and what counts as the other two varies among different authors.

3.this is of the best Allegorical novels to explain the fractured nature of 19th century russia.

4.the relevance theoretical framework can be applied to translating chinese two-part Allegorical sayings.

5.based on the theory of cognitive linguistics, this paper analyzes paronomasia Allegorical saying from the perspective of phonetic metaphor to find a new understanding mechanism for it.

6.chinese two-part Allegorical saying is an idiom that is widely used, popular, jocular and vivid sentence.

7.i thought this was all Allegorical until i saw you crawl from that flaming zeppelin wreckage unscathed.

8.any one who has a cursory knowledge of literary language can see the difference between literal usage and figurative ( or Allegorical) one.

9.the christian litany to jesus could easily be an Allegorical litany to the sun-god.

10.his collected short stories, novels, poems, Allegorical stories and other writings form a legacy of literature which casts profound illumination on the special culture of the south, a culture which developed from a history and social circumstances that were often tumultuous and always unique.

11.c-e translation of two-part Allegorical sayings with the enlightenment of relevance translation theory

12.think not that this is merely Allegorical, for it was made to limit you. is a vast Allegorical myth structure in a literary form all its own.

14.they claimed that this was just an Allegorical story.

15.xie hou yu, the two-part Allegorical sayings is a special form of idioms with rich chinese cultures.

16.use any two films of tsui hark to illustrate his personal style and the Allegorical messages implied in them.

17.the article selects the representative two-part Allegorical sayings amounting to72 pieces from "two-part Allegorical saying of xinzhou", publishing it out in order to consult with the experts.

18.a medieval book ( usually illustrated) with Allegorical and amusing descriptions of real and fabled animals. could be someone in a kind of an Allegorical mood inscribing on the gravestone the death of culture.

20.maimonides god takes no literal shits, only Allegorical ones.

21.figure ( symbolic or Allegorical), of base metal, for indoor use ( excl. original sculptures and statuary)

22.persian poet and mystic whose masterpiece, conference of the birds, is an Allegorical survey of sufism.

23.the paper collectves and analyses the dialect characteristics of liangshan two-part Allegorical saying, and it gives the classification list.

24.the next this picture is the primary teaching in our school have his arm, it being similar in a open book, an Allegorical very deep!

25.every russian knows the Allegorical novel the master and margarita.

26.philo, as a christian theologian, reconciles the literal meaning of texts with the real personal and social life through an Allegorical interpretation of the "old testament" instead of explaining its narration literally.

27.and so god separates out, on day three, good humanity from bad humanity, by augustine's Allegorical interpretation.

28.a prophecy ( usually obscure or Allegorical) revealed by a priest or priestess; believed to be infallible.

29.i seem to have heard of this two-part Allegorical saying before.

30.the translation of metaphor should follow the principle of cultural compatibility, taking metaphor as a sign of cultural transmission is to reinterpret the Allegorical origin of the text culturally.

31.a depiction of natural land forms, sometimes Allegorical. changes also mean chance, luck? change is not a narrative performance but a succession of Allegorical scenes speaking of change.

33.such a clever design, it is coincide with the position of traditional chinese culture and myths Allegorical school. type is the Allegorical map.

35.compared with the traditional Allegorical sayings, the Allegorical sayings on campus have many new characteristics.

36.the two most important were the ones that i've already talked about basically as the literal sense and the other one is the Allegorical sense.

37.the periphery is a circular symbol of the sun, red dongsheng, Allegorical sunshine of a vibrant economy and booming iron and steel.

38.his exegesis is of the Allegorical type.

39.melancholy and incompleteness: the Allegorical consciousness in the post-70s art