Agrarian Sentence Examples | Use Agrarian in a sentence

1.the years prior to the anti-japanese war are called the period of the Agrarian revolution.

2.mark the beginning of the Agrarian revolutionary war what is this?

3.this move marks the transition of china from an Agrarian to industrial society. that period the Agrarian revolution had not yet been carried very far.

5.their solution to indigenous Agrarian problems consisted of an intensification of production that was to be financed by the sale of land.

6.since the Agrarian reform polarization has taken place among the peasants.

7.the united states was largely an Agrarian society then.

8.reform of the Agrarian system.

9.this was a feature of Agrarian development in britain.

10.victory on the Agrarian reform front!

11.the Agrarian revolution is the thoroughgoing application of the principle of people's livelihood. combining the decidedly Agrarian lemon and potato, you can produce a technological power solution from the fruit of the farmer's labor!

13.they are moving from an Agrarian society to an urban one.

14.this is a new Agrarian reform program. Agrarian ( or agricultural) society.

16.the global index reinsurance facility targets farmers and Agrarian communities among other beneficiaries.

17.the war-ravaged Agrarian country was transformed into a technologically advanced market economy with a sophisticated social welfare system.

18.briefly, the traditional asian Agrarian structure before european colonization was organized around the village community.

19.during the struggle, the Agrarian problems in fact have become more vital.

20.but china was an overwhelmingly Agrarian land with little modern industry and only a tiny urban working class.

21.experience has shown that Agrarian reform cannot be thorough unless the poor peasants and farm labourers are fully mobilized.

22.Agrarian production in the region has increased in recent years.

23.a little more than three decades ago, the people's republic was an isolated, Agrarian nation whose closest international ally was albania.

24.sunday's statement could lead to better access to formal financial services for farmers and Agrarian business.

25.they would not go nude sunbathing as getting tanned was not in vogue in an Agrarian society.

26.logically, a national war should win broader mass support than an Agrarian revolutionary war;

27.and this armed struggle was the peasant Agrarian revolution under the leadership of the proletariat.

28.most old countries have had Agrarian disputes between landlords and tenants.

29.during the Agrarian revolution we based our correct class policy on the conditions of classes in rural areas.

30.programme of action of the world conference on Agrarian reform and rural development of these was the evolution of the hammer and sickle symbol from its Agrarian roots into a space-age propaganda object, as seen above. would be a nice irony if the best hedge against a collapse of the post-industrial economy turned out to be a return to the Agrarian past. was the victory of the Agrarian reform that made possible our victory in overthrowing chiang kai-shek. the moment the company receives support from a business incubator - the stavropol state Agrarian university. it is the test of Agrarian reform that we have to pass, and i hope we shall acquit ourselves just as well as we did in the test of war.

36.the vast majority of developing countries are Agrarian in economic, social, and cultural outlook.

37.not only can the middle peasants join the anti-imperialist revolution and the Agrarian revolution, but they can also accept socialism. jersey remained Agrarian and rural throughout the colonial era, and commercial farming only developed sporadically.