Agate Sentence Examples | Use Agate in a sentence

1.the methord of ion colouring has much more advantages than the present methord of heating Agate to red.

2.we apace, in a tranquil gulf saw a man from abandoned in foam on the surface, it will be poured into a Agate goo. the beginning of summer, bright red economicsystem Agate like cherry hung branches, the most beautiful.

4.waits on the empress dowager---he's a tremendously popular man. even his vinegar bottles are made of Agate.

5.the article connect the examples, generalize overall and systematically the basic theory of Agate formation.

6.the diamond tools are widely applied to industries including fireproof material, stone material process, bowlder Agate carving process, etc. jujube like jade, Agate like, heavy ground hangs full branch, some branches have been overwhelmed, shake and crumble.

8.since Agate is porous, it is usually dyed to enhance its natural color.

9.however, the goal of Agate pill is not the soul of the four pieces of jade, but his father's legacy of inuyasha - yao dao iron teeth broken.

10.a lot of4 drop-shaped beads: a banded Agate, 2 sardonyx and an etched cornelian.

11.besides gold, diamond and jade that were displayed last ear, they have crystal, ivory, Agate, red coral and other new items on display.

12.on show will be painted enamel vases, epistles to and from the emperor, as well as Agate carvings and lacquer ware. is the mark of the geodetic center made of Agate with a "cross" on top of the sphere.

14.did he take away the jade bracelets and Agate necklace i gave you last week?

15.the greeks used onyx, Agate, and quartz in making their scarabs.

16.there are many varieties of Agate.

17.but daniel took the Agate ball away with him!

18.botswana Agate, laguna Agate, plume Agate, green Agate, plus many others, it would be impossible to mane them all.

19.grinding with Agate mortars, sample particle sizes could become much smaller with increasing grinding time. Agate with brown, black, or green moss-like markings.

21.the materials used are: all kinds of beads, crystal, Agate, glass, pearls, cat's eye, gem, jade, acryl, resin, metal, and so on.

22.simple talks pretty, ingenious and marvellous of Agate sculptures there was a triptych of pale oak.

23.a unit of advertising copy equal to one Agate line one column wide printed in one million copies of a publication.

24.using need need burma jade from polished Agate, delicate work, unaware of heaven!

25.disciple jing xing offered me a red Agate seal stone.

26.Agate , it is a very hard stone with bands of color and often used for ornaments . many macau souvenirs are made of it.

27.Agate was highly valued as a talisman or amulet in ancient times.

28.also showed that the viscosity of Agate strong, so that glaze in the air within the carcass, in the firing process can not normally overflow, more closed in the glaze of the lower deck;

29.the color particle can be stuck on or more of materials such as glass, pearl, Agate, jade, precious stone and diamond. we have necklaces made with Agate beads. they are colorful.

31.pendant material: silver, zircon, Agate.

32.the jades mainly are the dushan jade, turquoise, pseudocrocidolite, aventurite and Agate etc.

33.the stone used includes jade of many kinds such as emerald, coral, white jade, Agate, rose quartz, etc.

34.they are finely polished natural grains of Agate.

35.i've seen beautiful blue Agate pendants, bolo ties, hair sticks and fire Agate bracelets.

36.yellow Agate: it is the role of lucky and accumulated wealth., i'll give you a pyrite and an Agate and wish you would like them.

38.this prestige tiny Agate pipa playing out one after another beautiful music, represents a better and happy life.

39.even the flaming Agate, was agreed that you excelled as macbeth. addition to pyrophyllite color inlay material, but also with blood stone, coral, Agate, pearls and gold.