Aesthetic Sentence Examples | Use Aesthetic in a sentence

1.cultivation of Aesthetic ability is education activities characterized as vivid images and ample emotions. the viewer self-awareness reached the make public, also completed the Aesthetic entire process.

3.emotional expression is interpreted as the prescriptive requirements and vocal Aesthetic consciousness on the sound quality.

4.those characters in chinese contemporary novels with special tragic Aesthetic perception reflect the value and significance of lives.

5.later he also gained in Aesthetic knowledge.

6.nobody will deny that: shang dynasty bronzes and jades of the structure, form, pattern, showing the beginning of a great nation Aesthetic.

7.this paper tries to analyze the relationship between translator's Aesthetic diversity and their styles.

8.his Aesthetic and ideology have seeped into the very fabric of american theater.

9.Aesthetic appreciation has the following two major aspects in the theory of classical poetry: image and artistic conception.

10.analysis from literary-psychology will reveal the unique perception and Aesthetic pursuit of chinese art;

11.for this reason, my focus is to trace the emergence of that Aesthetic and ideology in the body of lawrence's short fiction. is revealed that the Aesthetic conceptions in the old testament contain both perceptual beauty and rational beauty.

13.the body is king, not everyone can be "theatrical, " and this unjustly maligned word covers a whole Aesthetic and a whole ethic.

14.the paper analyzes the expressions of the calm beauty and the Aesthetic charateristics of lu xun's novels.

15.the shift from painting to animation and film has provided an entirely new Aesthetic and visual experience.

16.the Aesthetic ability refers to the ability of discovering, feeling, understanding, appreciating and creating beauty.

17.the Aesthetic perception also depends upon the state of mind of the observer, the point of view and individual accomplishment, etc.

18.this text is studying to the Aesthetic role in course of creating of science and mechanism.

19.this article examines the cultural significance of the pragmatic, Aesthetic and ethic functions of ancient chinese clothes.'s appreciation of literature depends on one's level of Aesthetic knowledge. both the pop music and the oil paintings are arts, but with different Aesthetic values.

22.Aestheticism is an increasingly worse ideological tendency, in which the Aesthetic and artistic values and functions are over-estimated in modern living and thinking. culture, which has always been a symbol of social progress and civilization, has unique Aesthetic value.

24.introduction to artistic practice and Aesthetic analysis through studio work and lectures.

25.this text explains the form, expression and reappearance of the poem through Aesthetic distance.

26.clearly these color murals have both symbolic and Aesthetic significance. Aesthetic standards are quite different from his. ancient chinese mythologies, there are Aesthetic features of both beauty in tragedy and beauty in loftiness.

29.the thesis begins with a brief introduction of the word'Aesthetic'and the european athletic movement during the late nineteenth century.

30.he is given to viewing life as if it were an Aesthetic spectacle.'s nice to see that developed and strong an Aesthetic for such a young designer.

32.however, the functional perspective overlooks the visual and Aesthetic aspect of urban form.

33.his works question about Aesthetic and cultural values in china's social and economic explosion.

34.that armchair is comfortable but not very Aesthetic.

35.we wanted to go to an Aesthetic exhibition.

36.this paper made detailed analysis in three aspects on cai yuanpei's Aesthetic education thought.

37.the result of nearly a year of focus-group testing, the new letters are reportedly more than just an Aesthetic update.

38.maintaining with chinese traditional style, and at the same time reflecting the modern Aesthetic concept.

39.when creating artistic language, the speaker often blends his Aesthetic experience about the world into his artistic language.

40.and how much profit do the proprietors of the clubs extract from the emotional and Aesthetic labor of their workers?