Aerostatic Sentence Examples | Use Aerostatic in a sentence

1.numerical analysis of static performance for ultra precision spindle supporting by the Aerostatic bearing

2.a theoretical analysis of Aerostatic guide for band saw-blade

3.conventional Aerostatic bearings have the problems of vibrations and motion inaccuracy due to the low stiffness. on shape and mechanism of Aerostatic stability for long span suspension bridges

5.owing to neglect of uncertainty of structural parameters, conventional method for analyzing Aerostatic stability of suspension bridges can not meet requirment of engineering design.

6.the orifice shape and aperture size is one vibration source on Aerostatic bearing. elastic-baffles active restrictor for obtaining a high stiffness Aerostatic bearing is presented.

8.the loading capacity is an important index of the Aerostatic guide way.

9.high-speed Aerostatic spindles have been widely used on precision machinery, such as grinder machines and pcb drilling machines.

10.deformation of porous pad of an Aerostatic porous thrust bearing

11.hindered diffusion of vacuum residue cuts through porous membranes deformation of porous pad of an Aerostatic porous thrust bearing

12.research on static characteristics of radial Aerostatic bearings based on fluent

13.model experiment of gas permeability distribution rule around dense boreholes investigation of pressure distribution of partial porous Aerostatic thrust bearing this paper, the boundary element method ( bem) was applied to study static characteristics of Aerostatic cylindric bearing.

15.aimed at Aerostatic guideway, a two dimensional distribution of air pressure and effect factor on the friction force were analyzed under high speed working conditions.

16.effects of geometrical error on the kinematic accuracy of Aerostatic bearing Aerostatic bearing numerical calculation method for 6-dof simulation satellite

18.analysis of orifice compensated mode affecting Aerostatic bearings working stiffness on matching relationship between structual parameters of the Aerostatic cylindrical bearing

20.load property study of high speed motorized spindle on multi-support Aerostatic bearing

21.a static performance analysis and experimental study of Aerostatic journal bearing

22.relative factors affecting static performance of Aerostatic porous bearings

23.a scheme of active Aerostatic bearing with displacement feedback is proposed. its stiffness and rotation accuracy is advanced effectively. analytic method calculation and analysis of the Aerostatic guide way

25.for orifice compensated Aerostatic bearings, entrance effect leads differences between actual pressure distributions and traditional laminar flow assumption in gas film of the bearings.

26.analysis of the nonlinear Aerostatic stability of a long-span suspension bridge under yawed wind

27.a6-dof ( degree of freedom) simulation satellite is designed based on planar and spherical Aerostatic bearing presented in the paper.

28.Aerostatic thrust bearing annular membrane elastic pressure groove mechanics performance analysis and test of a device for testing the static characteristics of Aerostatic thrust bearing

30.conditions analysis approach to infinite stiffness for an active control Aerostatic bearing

31.finite element analysis on pressure distribution of partial porous Aerostatic circular thrust bearing

32.effect of pocket size on the Aerostatic bearing static capabilities

33.the inherent throttle bearing parameters are optimized according to the maximum stiffness of Aerostatic bearing. stiffness of supporting bearing of output shaft on dynamic performance of three-ring transmission

34.the trend of Aerostatic coefficients alteration with different attacks correspond with wind tunnel test results.

35.a nonlinear instability mode of torsion for long-span cable-stayed bridges under Aerostatic load is proposed, and nonlinear equations to solve equilibrium path are derived out.

36.the aerodynamic interference effects on Aerostatic coefficients of twin deck bridges with large span were investigated in details by means of wind tunnel test.

37.comparison of the loading capacity analysis of Aerostatic guide way based on analytic method and finite element method

38.effect of wind load acting on the cables on the Aerostatic and aerodynamic behavior of long-span suspension bridges on measurement and device for intraocular pressure non-contact measuring based on Aerostatic technology