Adversative Sentence Examples | Use Adversative in a sentence

1.improper use of complex sentences of Adversative relation experimental study on the comprehension of Adversative relation and casual relation in chinese

3.the markers in syntax forms of the negative function of the sentence pattern "ningke p, ye bu q" are the negative words in "q" clause, the words having the negative meanings in context and the Adversative words in context.

4.pragmatic analysis Adversative sentence group in japanese

5.chapter four mainly analyzes the semantic of Adversative adverb from the grammatical meaning and the background of the semantic and from the point of contrast view analyzes the interior of Adversative adverb.

6.thirdly, the progressive relationship between "interpreting the world" and "transforming the world" is mistaken as Adversative relation.

7.chapter two introduces the present situation of the Adversative adverb and defines the internal members.

8.the comic-writing instruction enhanced the performance of correlative sentence writing of Adversative relation in experimental and maintenance phases.

9.the function in text organization is reflected in information prediction, while the function in cohesion manifests in cohesion, including addition, Adversative, elaboration, emphasis, causal analysis and temporal relationship.

10.the sixth chapter is a case study about the Adversative conjunction "di", discussing the process of forming, developing and dying. means of extension, Adversatives add the Adversative meaning to the clauses and extend the textual function.

12.Adversative category is a semantic-related category, attaching more attention to the adverbs which has the function of Adversative correlative, Adversative conjunction and Adversative clause. however, we have not seen a whole research work from the perspective of semantic category.

13.we believe that the turning point in the basic semantics of the adverbs is a prerequisite to act as the counter-expectation markers. third, analysis the pragmatic function Adversative adverbs as the counter-expectation markers.

14.on the relationship between senior high school students 'awareness of parts of speech and their spelling correctness this paper investigates a subtype of resultative predicate marked by the verbal particle-can in cantonese and associated with Adversative meaning.

15.a comparative study of the synonym group of Adversative conjunctions in morden chinese

16.after the unceasing development from pre-qin to the qing dynasty, the system of modern chinese Adversative conjunctions formed finally.

17.some temporal adverbial clauses, judging from their forms, may be seriously misled to express temporal concept. and yet, they actually mark an Adversative, causative, conditional, concessive, purposive or preference relation existing in the subordinate clause and the main clause in logic.

18.for type 1, the comparative reading is inferred by juxtaposing two nominals or Adversative clauses.

19.halliday and hasan ( 1976) propose four types of contrast relation, the Adversative, the contrastive, the corrective and the dismissive contrast relation. daily communication, conflict talk is a common but complex linguistic phenomenon. conflict talk is also known as the Adversative episode.