Advantaged Sentence Examples | Use Advantaged in a sentence

1.some Advantaged analytical method can be provided for practical debugging according to the simulation result.

2.xinjiang uygur autonomous region, with a vast territory, vary and magic natural sights, many ethnic customs and Advantaged travel resources were gathered here.

3.the Advantaged oil conditions and rich resource are the physical basis of oil and gas reservoir.

4.mammals are very sensitive for climatic and environmental changes, and there are Advantaged neogene mammalian fossils in china.

5.the structural belt controlled by the main rupture is Advantaged zone of compound oil and gas accumulation zone;

6.yet those relationships seem to be less achievable for the least Advantaged members of society.

7.only a third of the college savers used a tax-Advantaged savings account like a 529 plan or coverdell account.

8.atmosphere heat treatment formed Advantaged texture, increased its electromagnetism properties.

9.moreover, chinese curriculum can create Advantaged condition for education of critical thinking.

10.some cities are always going to be more Advantaged.

11.the perfect monetary settlement system in lancang-mekong subregion is Advantaged to accelerate each subregion country's economic development.

12.the new law encourages schools to spend more money on the less Advantaged students.

13.even if the most Advantaged circumstance, it is very difficult for a company to not risk losing some profits to produce another more marketable products.

14.the double-season nelumbo nucifera gaertn is one of the Advantaged industries for market with higher economic benefit in liujiang county.

15."when she passed away from cancer five or six years ago, i felt obligated to do something" for less Advantaged people in africa, he said.

16.this clear point of education has a lot to do with the Advantaged culture and a long-history of education in nanjing.

17.with hyypia and carragher as centrales, they seem to be at an Advantaged in the air, but not on the speed.

18.the geochemistry characters and the much mineralization prefigured that this area would be a Advantaged mineral foreground area.

19.dynamical and thermodynamic structure of mesoscale low vortex is Advantaged to quick development.

20.the favorable regional environment provides the Advantaged strategic condition for the development of the base.

21.owing to the Advantaged location and surroundings and the advantages of industrial structure, the company develops at surprising speed.

22.just as the Advantaged are now more likely to tie the knot in the first place, they are also more likely to remarry following a divorce. provides Advantaged base of automatic recognition log disfigurement.

24.the behoove of advantage of coal natural resources with Advantaged shanxi assumes mainer responsibility in development of chemical fertilizer industry. the same time, every enterprise can exert the core superiority, develop the brand construction, and stay in the Advantaged position.

26.favored with the Advantaged climate, suzhou with its surrounding areas is suitable for raising silk and planting mulberry trees.

27.shanxi province has Advantaged coal and advantage of resource of other mineral products, the sources of energy that is the whole nation weighs chemical base.

28.i was more Advantaged than mary.

29.the application of gravity gradient in the attitude control system of mini-satellites provides an Advantaged tool for the development and research of the miniaturization of satellites. might want to consider the various consolidation loan student availabilities that you can take Advantaged of in this day and age.

31.they feel a push to move ahead with overseas deals, which are Advantaged at the moment by the high value of the yen, among other factors.

32.the film works have an Advantaged superiority in college ideological and political education.

33.the conclusion could be used as a reference for excavation and application of Advantaged gene in triticale.

34.with malicious envy, you want to cut the Advantaged person down so you look better by comparison.

35.the system also Advantaged one kind of trader over another.

36.the Advantaged nature has imparted the chance of development and growth to our company.

37.for enterprises, the brand, like other Advantaged resources, can be conducive to raising the market share and enhancing the market forces.

38.xinjiang is with Advantaged resource of water, soil, light and heat.

39.'the world is Advantaged, our region is Advantaged by china engaging strongly in the global multilateral system, ' she said.