Adjacent Sentence Examples | Use Adjacent in a sentence

1.the constraint is once you rob a house you cannot rob a house Adjacent to that house. had begun as an electrical fire in the zebra room, Adjacent to the bride's dressing room.

3.a facsimile compression technique that codes distances between changing pixels on two Adjacent scan lines. this algorithm, an overlapping combination method was proposed to realize the smooth connection between Adjacent b-spline segments.

5.split the surface with the Adjacent curves.

6.each ecosystem, however, is continuous to some degree with Adjacent systems.

7.death beetle contagion hurts the victim's Adjacent allies as well, so a savvy opponent will want to keep his creatures spread out a bit. island in the mediterranean; with Adjacent islets it constitutes a region of france.

9.a predominantly urban region including Adjacent towns and suburbs; a metropolitan area. repeated tests, the 97 volunteers had less than a second to identify dots hidden in one or other of a pair of Adjacent images.

11.the voices from sessions scheduled in Adjacent virtual spaces overlapped-reminiscent of thin hotel walls.

12.the Adjacent vertex distinguishing total chromatic number is obtained for the flower graph.

13.this means the delimiter is only inserted between any two Adjacent records.

14.normally these would be geographically Adjacent or able to be served, say, on an air route.

15.those patients who were up to it could move to the Adjacent pool

16.the station, and the Adjacent prison and court building closed in2004.

17.the aircraft were re-positioned at the end of the shift for the next day's work to take place in an Adjacent bay.

18.they complained that they had been trapped inside the police station, but in fact most were seen escaping over the Adjacent roofs to safety in nearby buildings a3d model an edge can be shared between two Adjacent faces or polygons. we sat down, he told me that the Adjacent table was referred to as the "crown prince table" . conditions including interaction with Adjacent structures, systems, and components.

22.even after she was freed, melvinia stayed put, working as a farm laborer on land Adjacent to that of charles shields, one of henry's sons.

23.the Adjacent ship is going to africa and is ready to accept another stock of products.

24.a side bond that links two Adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule.

25.attraction between Adjacent ships abnormal respiration in which periods of shallow and deep breathing alternate.

26.there is also a board space, and spaces Adjacent pieces can be moved to the space.

27.the formula in this cell refers to a range that has additional numbers Adjacent to it. had been one of the main reasons we moved in the house - a huge dinning room Adjacent to a tiny kitchen.

29.this article has introduced the compositions and functions of the layers and the relationship between Adjacent layers.

30.the house Adjacent to ours has been sold, so we have a new neighbour.

31.the house Adjacent to ours is under repairs.

32.china has solved or basically solved boundary issues left over by history with most of its Adjacent countries.

33.the a-frame pylon harmonizes with the tall spires of the Adjacent cathedral.

34.the fire reached past the 30th floor, but did not spread to any Adjacent buildings.

35.he sat in an Adjacent room and waited

36.the boundary between two Adjacent layers in the osi model.

37.this innervate the Adjacent region of the fore and middle intestine.

38.waters between lamma island and cheung chau, and lying Adjacent to the south of the west lamma channel.

39.routing updates and topology information are passed only between Adjacent routers.

40.all the links in a linkset must have the same Adjacent node.