Ad valorem Sentence Examples | Use Ad valorem in a sentence

1.the relationship between the Ad valorem amount, the trend among the health unit.

2.for the purpose of this paragraph, the amount of the subsidy shall be considered to be de minimis if the subsidy is less than 1 per cent Ad valorem.

3.Ad valorem tariff can be applied to products with a wide range of grade variations. compound tariff is compound duties are often applied to manufactured products embodying raw materials that are subject to tariffs.

4.Ad valorem (customs) duty: a tax or duty levied as a given proportion of the value of a commodity or service.

5.the government is more of a hindrance than a help to the industry, levying a 63 per cent Ad valorem tax on all wines before value added tax.

6.the traditional analysis draws an analogy between an Ad valorem excise tax and share tenancy and argues the latter is inefficient on the ground that the former is said so. cases where the Ad valorem percentage criterion is applied, the method for calculating this percentage shall also be indicated in the preferential rules of origin;

8.Ad valorem tariffs are taxes of a fixed percentage on the value of an imported good.

9.the budget is designed to indicate major categories of revenue sources such as personal income tax, Ad valorem sales tax and business tax.

10.the proposed property tax is an Ad valorem tax that would impose a uniform rate on an assessed value of land and building combined.

11.Ad valorem stamp duty is payable by the transferee(s) in connection with the acceptance of the rights to subscribe for the rights shares. an Ad valorem tax, the government collects a fixed proportion of every product produced, rendering a lower marginal return captured by the producer.

13.a compound tariff is a combination of a specific and an Ad valorem tariff. the tax collection: volume, Ad valorem levy be experienced, monopoly contain tax is a tax and four stages.

15.the tax may be levied as a percentage of the value of the imports, which is called an Ad valorem tariff.

16.the best proof of trade protectionism is that the u. s imposed a 30% Ad valorem duty on imported steel.

17.resources in the general direction of tax reform from the current amount of taxation from Ad valorem taxation for the change.

18.note: Ad valorem stamp duty is payable by the transferee(s) if this form is completed.

19.Ad valorem stamp duty is payable by the transferee (s) if this form is completed.

20.Ad valorem stamp duty is payable by the transferor ( s) and the transferee ( s) if this form is completed.

21.Ad valorem ( customs) duty: a tax or duty levied as a given proportion of the value of a commodity or service.

22.oil and gas production equipment Ad valorem tax the high concentration of carbon oxide and hydrogen chloride produced by lpg is 80 per cent less than that produced by a petrol engine.

23.a tax paid unwittingly by the consumer ( such as Ad valorem taxes).

24.the costs of transportation, marketing, wholesaling and retailing represent an Ad valorem tax equivalent of 900 per cent.

25.Ad valorem duties are levied on the basis of the product's value. this point, the auction is the fairest and most easy to pull the Ad valorem transaction.

27.however, costs not directly related to manufacturing or processing may be included for the purposes of the application of an Ad valorem percentage criterion consistent with subparagraph ( a);

28.the most obvious is the grab currently under way in asia, particularly in hong kong since the Ad valorem wine duty of 40 per cent was scrapped at the end of february.

29.according to the revised regulations, the amount of consumption tax payable may be calculated Ad valorem, at a flat rate or by a combination of the two. Ad valorem tax is a tax based on the value of real estate or personal property. Ad valorem tariff is expressed as a fixed percentage of the value of the imported product.

32.tariffs are commonly levied in one of two ways: Ad valorem tariff or specific tariff.

33.and xin respect to both buyers and sellers to collect the same Ad valorem duty of1% brokerage fee.

34.Ad valorem duty or Ad valorem tax.