Acoustical Sentence Examples | Use Acoustical in a sentence

1.the study on evaluating and diagnosing the error of palatoschisis pronunciation by the method of Acoustical analysis

2.investigation on low-frequency measurement method of sound insulation for underwater Acoustical material;

3.Acoustical doors alone will not solve the problem of noise transmission around the door.

4.i think there'll be really amazing Acoustical spaces to listen to things in, and the sound replication will be hyper-real as well.

5.a study of the Acoustical properties of compound impedance in sound absorbing structure

6.acoustics& measurement method of insertion loss and echo reduction for the underwater Acoustical material sample

7.they'll present the findings at a meeting of the Acoustical society of america.

8.this paper is an overview of the progress made in the field of Acoustical design of concert halls. this thesis, two key-techniques of high-resolution imaging sonar are studied: beam-forming and Acoustical image processing.

10.vitruvius also added one of the great historical mysteries to the Acoustical literature. the paper, based on the require of Acoustical environment and acoustics theory, one noise control way to it is introduced after detailed research.

12.sound absorption materials is always used in controlling reverberation time in the Acoustical design of studios.

13.the study of Acoustical lens beam-forming and Acoustical image processing

14.and the Acoustical feedback of the secondary source is one of the key problems that affect noise reduction in ducts.

15.i wanted to write this article to educate people about soundproof Acoustical doors. last, the mechanical and Acoustical properties of typical and part structural shell is evaluated.

17.sound attenuation numerical study on Acoustical attenuation and Acoustical velocity in suspension of superfine particles-a comparison of four models

18.covering the surface of submarines with stealth material is one of the most important methods for Acoustical stealth.

19.walls tilted for Acoustical reasons may cause glare.

20.the relevance of Acoustical principles is by no means limited to sound and hearing.

21.this system will be widely applied to room Acoustical measurement due to its adaptability and practicality. has been designed for Acoustical technicians, sound engineers, scientists and students.

23.Acoustical design and research of auditorium in shanghai grand theatre

24.with the development of education, the classroom Acoustical environment has become one of the important objects in the research of acoustics.

25.when he compared people's ratings with Acoustical analysis of the meows, he found very clear patterns.

26.the directional distribution of early reflections is one of the important characteristics of Acoustical quality in rooms.

27.research on three-dimensional underwater Acoustical imaging and sonar image processing technology

28.cooperate with r& d engineers, conduct mechanical and Acoustical tests under direction of leading engineer.

29.resonance board is one of the most important components of piano, which predominate the Acoustical quality.

30.this paper presents the Acoustical holography method which can be used to identify noise source on a moving vehicle.

31.these conclusions also have been validated by our experiments of Acoustical excitation and piv measurement.

32.the result provides valuable reference for projects including noise control diagnosis Acoustical environment design etc.

33.specifically, snow tends to absorb higher frequency Acoustical waves.

34.this paper presents a new techniques named Acoustical holography that can be used for analysis and study of noise.

35.specifically, snow tends to absorb higher frequency Acoustical waves. as a result, sound becomes quieter and somewhat distorted.

36.the electrical and Acoustical characteristics of pulsed discharge in water

37.the Acoustical behavior of a motorcycle exhaust muffler was simulated with the boundary element method.

38.however, the Acoustical paths joining the two transducers are supposed to be straight and fluid turbulence phenomena are neglected.

39.the present status, the principle and application of auralization of room Acoustical design are reviewed in this paper.

40.dependent on the type of material used, the screen may alter the Acoustical characteristics of the roadway.