Achene Sentence Examples | Use Achene in a sentence

1.morphology of leaf epidermis and Achene in ficus of zhejiang under scanning electronic microscope

2.from different climates have similar responses to light, the underground location of Achene, and sand moisture.

3.leaf blade margin entire or erose, rarely inconspicuously serrate distally; Achene with a purplish ring on both surfaces.

4.fruit a follicle, pome, Achene, or drupe, rarely a capsule, naked or enclosed in persistent hypanthium and sometimes also by sepals.

5.fruit usually a dry Achene, sometimes a fleshy drupe, often enclosed by the persistent perianth. is similar to an Achene except that the ovary wall is fused with the seed coat.

7.seed germination in artemisia sphaerocephala i. the structure and function of the mucilaginous Achene

8.but from the perspective of synthetic utilization of resource, this work chooses the degelatinized Achene of jelly fig to carry on further research. 2.

9.Achene a dry indehiscent fruit formed from an ovary with a single carpel containing a single seed, e. g. oak(quercus).

10.protective effect of compound agent great burdock Achene on cerebral ischemia/ reperfusion injury of rats the comparison of hplc fingerprints and arctiin contents between crude and processing fructus arctii is therefore suggested that the relatively high level of aba in the pericarp and testa is the major cause of the Achene dormancy.

12.the micromorphological characters of Achene epidermis of the subgenus are varied, can provide numerous informations for systematic study.

13.micromorphological features of the Achene surfaces of polygonaceae in china

14.the length of seeds of drupe and Achene stored in lowtemperature sand is the key technology of breeding seedlings.

15.if the volume of a hundred seeds and the number of seeds per Achene were maintained in a relatively stable condition, reduction of either the hull ratio or the height of branches could improve effectively the oil content of the safflower.

16.lin xue deficiency : limb pain, dried Achene, acromegaly dishes, gangrenous ulcers can be seen, one's healing.

17.effects of Achene in vitro culture on seed germination percentage of strawberry

18.Achene mucilage can absorb large amounts of water and has important ecological function.

19.Achene brownish, ellipsoid-ovoid, ca. 1 mm, compressed, almost not oblique, smooth or verrucose, with a slightly elevated ring by margin.

20.Achene drupaceous, straight, adnate to thinly fleshy perianth, enclosed as base or almost wholly by discoid or cup like fleshy receptacle.

21.this species is distinct in always having a globose tuber, capitate inflorescences, and a narrow, smooth Achene.

22.Achene light brownish, broadly ovoid, slightly compressed, ca. 1 mm, conspicuously verrucose, invested by persistent perianth lobes.

23.the pollen morphology, leaf epidermal characters and Achene micromorphology of the three new species and their relatives were comparatively observed under the scanning electron microscope ( sem).