Accoutrements Sentence Examples | Use Accoutrements in a sentence

1.she has all the Accoutrements of the successful businesswoman& large car, designer clothes and a beautiful house.

2.many will earn enough to splurge on pricey Accoutrements for their offspring.

3.priceless works of art are scattered throughout the house, as well as the Accoutrements gathered from a life as a writer, publisher, critic and fashion expert.

4.many cruise ships today have standard cabins of similar size and Accoutrements, with the price differential being the location. our industry becomes more and more competitive you're going to see success within clubs and studios that focus more on customer service and less on fancy Accoutrements.

6.aviation Accoutrements construction optimum analysis based on fuzzy ahp on special excitation structure to improve aeronautical repm dc motor

7.examples are government furniture, staff uniforms and Accoutrements, litter containers, mailboxes and brief cases. protect yourself in future, all your office Accoutrements should be discreetly marked with tippex, invisible ink or similar.

9.i loved stationery and all the Accoutrements of writing.

10.true, it is a bit of a mutant pigeon, and has been genetically modified with high-tech Accoutrements .

11.instead of providing this family with closed storage opportunities that would help organize children's toys and Accoutrements, this unit is more about display.

12.aviation Accoutrements construction optimum analysis based on fuzzy ahp passenger transportation structure reasonable disposition research

13.older structures, such as the parliament, were to be tarted up with domes and other Accoutrements.

14.hotpot, too, is probably a smart move, since there's not a whole lot for a waiter to do besides bring drinks and Accoutrements.

15.they seem uninterested in the Accoutrements of wealth.

16.if you are a fidgety kid, you will be a fidgety adult, even if you learn to manage your movements with caffeine, stress-reduction, a personal trainer or other adult Accoutrements.

17.the soldier is checking his Accoutrements when he hear the gun shoot.

18.the phenomenon has even spawned a hit television soap opera, also called naked weddings, which follows a young couple who opt to marry despite parental opposition and without the usual financial Accoutrements.

19.i love stationery and all the Accoutrements of writing. the newly appealing club tropicana of my bathroom, the shaving Accoutrements remained untouched.

21.they started adding little Accoutrements to the advertising contracts and eventually they started throwing in bike-sharing systems. the wine market, meanwhile, bottles of chteau lafite and louis xiii are indispensable Accoutrements for display in the gleaming new mansions of china's super-rich, although such badges of wealth are more likely to be seen as investments.

23.behind the prisoners came a transport of cavalry Accoutrements.

24.i embarked at alicante, reached genoa after a prosperous voyage, and proceeded thence to milan, where i provided myself with arms and a few soldier's Accoutrements;

25.before you complain about what you believe is an inaccuracy please keep in mind that all the images are of war time uniforms, medals, service ribbons and Accoutrements.

26.the cost includes house, car, decor and all the other Accoutrements of domestic bliss.

27.or if, as sometimes happens, i'm giving a gadget we no longer need to someone else, i can give them all the Accoutrements, as well.

28.the weeds star takes a bold stand on the red carpet, wearing a plunging mermaid gown with floral Accoutrements by dolce &gabbana.

29.trend and construction probe on Accoutrements systematic development guarantee