Abstention Sentence Examples | Use Abstention in a sentence

1.moreover , all of these factors that were associated with Abstention significantly predicted mortality.

2.due to our lack of wisdom and limitation of ability, Abstention from error is not possible.

3.british diplomats say that russian support for a un resolution, or even its Abstention, would demoralise the assad regime with whom moscow has close links.

4.but those who do drink in countries with high Abstention rates consume alcohol at high levels.

5.but what does he mean by or what do i mean by referring to his policies of Abstention? from political life?

6."the un security council voted with three pros, one con and one Abstention."

7.but Abstention would be a tacit yes to a fair peace.

8.when a man becomes steadfast in his Abstention form greed, he gains knowledge of his past, present and future existences.

9.Abstention from drinking and smoking is the only way to improve your poor health.

10.there were high levels of Abstention from voting in the last elections.

11.today, the outstanding holiday is one of religious observance and Abstention from normal work routines, taking place on sunday for christians, friday for muslims, and saturday for jews.

12.refusal to select is deemed Abstention.

13.eu lawmaker francis wurtz of france says the rate of voter Abstention showed lack of confidence in the european union.

14.dharma, Abstention, harmony and their wide application in practical society and importance should be carried forward.

15.scowcroft met with dinitz to brief him on the soviet proposal for a joint Abstention.

16.because of "color, after Abstention" evaporates mystically , the soup only leaves our line of sight already to be very long.

17.given the Abstention rate of40 percent, his actual support could be far lower.

18.in case the director neither attends nor entrusts others to attend the meeting, he will be regarded as Abstention.

19.objective: to explore the effect of intervention with music psychological drama on motivation of drug Abstention and relapse prevention in heroin dependent patients.

20.but the toughest condemnation, in the form of a security-council resolution, needs china's support, or at least Abstention.

21.yama is Abstention from harming others, from false-hood, from theft, from incontinence, and from greed.

22.nonviolence is not just Abstention from war, fighting, or animal flesh. it is Abstention from negative thoughts and negative speech.

23.we consider that the Abstention manner straightforwardly and the official incorruptible moral behavior affects its poetry esthetics thought to a certain extent.

24.we have the right of Abstention on grounds of principle.

25.the associated press reported that the cabinet vote was 24-0 in favor of the resolution, with one Abstention.

26.Abstention rates are low in high-income, high consumption countries, and higher in north african and south asian countries.

27.he cited the reasons behind president roosevelt's Abstention from war prior to the japanese attack on pearl harbor.

28.if austerity can be defined as self-denial and Abstention from worldly pleasures, what a joyless bunch we have been, with all that cutting and scrimping.

29.u. s. ambassador alejandro wolff made clear that the american Abstention was not related to unamid, but to the issue of impunity.

30.the number of Abstentions is likely to be crucial

31.in terms of public health relevance, it may be therefore important to focus on beer Abstention to maintain body weight.

32.moscow's Abstention over the un resolution on libya has already had an unexpected effect on the russian political scene.

33.the goal is complete Abstention from all mind-altering substances.

34.i have already got a month of Abstention and i think i am changing here and the way i perceive things.

35.in washington the bureau of european affairs recommended Abstention.

36.Abstention is traditionally high in colombia.