Absorbency Sentence Examples | Use Absorbency in a sentence

1.solution Absorbency of super absorbent polymers in different electrolyte solutions the degradation or assimilation of fatty materials is often restricted because of their relative insolubility.

2.sap should have advantages of high water Absorbency, properly absorbent ratio, excellent resistance to salts in performance.

3.a classic towel woven from high quality combed cotton, with longer loops to enhance Absorbency and performance.

4.special Absorbency can bring grinding fluid to a polishing place , which reduces thermal damage for products and effectively lubricates .

5.by a series of experiments, the influence of the amount of crosslinking agent, kaolin and of hydrolysis degree on water Absorbency of the pva superabsorbent composite resin were investigated.

6.seed-base stimulate the number of first-order lateral root and ensure its even distribution, which will play an important role in enhancing the root Absorbency and the soil conservation function.

7.the ionomer exhibit certain emulsifying property and water Absorbency. the oil resistance is not so good.

8.structure and properties of water-soluble melamine-glyoxal resin solution Absorbency of super absorbent polymers in different electrolyte solutions

9.yarn dyed cotton acrylic mixed upholstery fabric mercerization is a chemical finish for cotton goods which increases luster, moisture Absorbency and strength.

10.if it gets saturated in less than 4 hours, try a heavier Absorbency tampon.

11.oil Absorbency: the capability of a paper to absorb oil.

12.difference exists between the maximum Absorbency of the asymmetric dyes and the average of the maximum Absorbency of the corresponding symmetric ones.

13.the plastic has a unique property that allows it to evenly distribute the weight and pressure on top of it, which provides shock Absorbency.

14.effect of porosity generators on Absorbency rate starch-based superabsorbent

15.the surface strength, brightness, opacity, glossiness, and Absorbency are influenced by the amount of binder in the coating.

16.secondly, it lies in the Absorbency and sublimation of strong color and purity as well as the spirit of exaggeration enlightened by folk painting and farmer painting.

17.spongy resembling a sponge in elasticity, Absorbency, or porousness.

18.the influence of the cross-linking agent amount, initiator and its amount, reaction temperature and monomer ratio time on the water Absorbency of the graft copolymer were investigated.

19.study on Absorbency of starch graft polymer resin by filtration

20.non-aqueous dispersion acrylic coating synthesis and modification of bentonite/ polyacrylic acid composite with high water Absorbency

21.the influences of reaction conditions on oil Absorbency and swelling rate were studied, as well as slow release property.

22.get a comfy seat with plenty of padding and shock Absorbency, and dropped handlebars that allow you to drop down in windy conditions.

23.in the signal processing, the antijamming methods of the digital zero to double light beam aas Absorbency.

24.the relationship between the Absorbency and the dosages of developer, and of the masking agent has been investigated.

25.you can use two nappies for extra Absorbency at night.

26.thirdly, it lies in his Absorbency of modeling approach and decoration fun of folk painting.

27.wustite possessed the Absorbency of microwave to a certain degree and might be broken up itself in microwave field, which was helpful to carbothermic reduction.

28.Absorbency and tensile strength vary from item to item.

29.tarred roofing felt oil Absorbency: the capability of a paper to absorb oil.

30.porous plastics, rubber, cellulose, or other material, similar in Absorbency to this skeleton and used for the same purposes.

31.a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in Absorbency.

32.research and application of supercapacitors of aqueous electrolytes; solution Absorbency of super absorbent polymers in different electrolyte solutions

33.polyurethane is a low density, flexible foam that offers good shock Absorbency and resiliency.

34.by way of preparation of composite material as well as study on the relation between consumption of crosslinkage density and the relation between crosslinkage density and Absorbency, the author also inquire into the influence of synthesis and structure and composition of superabsorbents on Absorbency.

35.hg Absorbency of white poplar, willow and pine was low, while that of the larch was high with the elm being the highest.

36.factors such as molecular weight, kind of crosslinking agent, amount of crosslinking agent, absorbing temperature and absorbing time affecting on water Absorbency were studied.

37.if after 8 hours your tampon still isn't saturated and isn't easy to remove, try a lighter Absorbency next time.

38.it's particularly fit for base materials with high density and somewhat Absorbency.

39.dsc study on the relationship between superabsorbent polymer structure and their water Absorbency