Ablution Sentence Examples | Use Ablution in a sentence

1.however, tomorrow will be a bathroom, "dreams" world dreams - will be the next target of Ablution vitality equation.

2.in the same time, the reporting of the earthquake is a memorial in the history of natural disaster reporting and an Ablution of the press.

3.the most important significance is that the hero's humanity collapses in the process of this cruel Ablution of the new civilization.

4.moremi has four major camping sites, which are fairly developed with basic facilities like Ablution blocks, picnic tables and standpipes.

5.while in the process of my life, but also wind and rain also bumps, but the sun made me wild with joy to my Ablution.

6.he performed his Ablution before the ritual.

7.a couple twins of azrael, who are in love, make a Ablution for the people died in the age of automobile at a abandoned garage-dump.

8.in the reality of curriculum reform, as the ideology politics teachers, we pressingly experienced new teaching methodology, new evaluation viewpoint brought convulsion and Ablution, wisdom and innovation.

9.fml Ablution is carried out as part of some religious ceremonies.

10.why Ablution in a case until charm, so comfortable, the room is unforgettable?

11.or because Ablution washes away the past?

12.she gave a simple Ablution and left the abbey with tears ablaze in her eyes.

13.the great revolution in french has triggered unprecedented shock in germany, especially a great Ablution in thoughts.

14.colorful style personality Ablution will provide many options possibilities.

15.she will go to school after having Ablution.

16.ritual cleanliness and Ablution are required before salat, as are clean clothes and location, and the removal of shoes.

17.we feel deeply, new century will get the Ablution of globalization of technical revolution, economy and intellectual economy, .

18.it acts like performing Ablution to a plain dramatic tale and making it to be solemn, mysterious and meaningful.

19.as a result, each villager publicly abnegated any connection to the road builders through Ablution.

20.darcy may perhaps have heard of such a place as gracechurch street, but he would hardly think a month '; s Ablution enough to cleanse him from its impurities, were he once to enter it;

21.through stormy Ablution, internet industry of china or more will mature.

22.Ablution in the process of the mobility of the elderly and children are the most in need of special care, to demonstrate their doors bathtubs meticulous care of their designers.

23.2, the Ablution archetype and the hero archetype.

24."tragic" than the palestinians have been in the Ablution.

25.Ablution was done by them as an indispensable preparation before the prayer.

26.this paper explains in details the Ablution technology of penetration inspection for workpieces of canned motors and its noticing items.

27.objective to prepare acne i Ablution for treating all kinds of acnes.

28.when he got out of the tunnel , what he gained is the Ablution of the god rather than the downpour from the sky .