Abdication Sentence Examples | Use Abdication in a sentence

1.the officers took over and forced his Abdication in 1947.

2.one does not suggest Abdication of one's responsibility nor does one advocate renouncing the rights due.

3.in such a context, silence becomes an absence, a mark of intellectual Abdication , a rejection of humanity.

4.subsequently, the Abdication of napoleon in order to put an end to his political career.

5.for others, such an approach is an Abdication of personal responsibility and a denial of the integrity of the individual.

6.then, he begins to consider Abdication, the home that is a mobile phone asked full-time website editor.

7.yes, i was last year formal Abdication comes down to run hefei group to buy a network.

8.do you know the reason of king edward the 8th's Abdication?

9.we guess that henry is the person who will take over the company after the president's Abdication.

10.at that day, he read out the imperial Abdication edict and ended the morning court early.

11.for wallis simpson, maligned as 'the woman who stole the king', the Abdication was a tragedy.

12.we see her and her new husband unwillingly but bravely taking up the crown after his elder brother's Abdication& and, finally, the king and queen's courage and humanity during the blitz.

13.his deft and skilful handling of the Abdication issue raised him in a fortnight from the depth to the pinnacle.

14.oneself cannot be handled again, a few people did contradictory ability Abdication with former unit, bad also to seek the person of former unit again.

15.the transfer of a ruler's authority by death or Abdication.

16.Abdication of a lot of places cannot draw housing accumulation fund.

17.the president signed the instrument of Abdication.

18.Abdication is precluded by the lack of a possible successor.

19.but even after his Abdication, he remained the effective ruler of china until his death four years later at the age of 88.

20.the king signed the instrument of Abdication.

21.qadri said he would speak to his supporters around mid-day outside parliament to press his demand for the government's Abdication.

22.american Abdication would tempt soviet tendencies toward filling every vacuum.

23.the Abdication and hereditary systems are the main ways of the dynastic alternation of chinese ancient times.

24."Abdication i don't think is an issue, or something that's even in consideration to the queen," said robert jobson, a journalist and author of books on the royal family.

25.report it. great country, no they do not have even this trivial matter? finally, an Abdication of old minister said he had run.

26.eurozone leaders will certainly want to avoid such an outright Abdication of their sovereignty.

27.answer: unemployed personnel cannot enjoy unemployed insurance treatment below the circumstance of active Abdication.

28.worse, it is an Abdication of our responsibility to our children and grandchildren - and a limitation on our future.

29.american divorcee whose marriage to edward viii created a constitutional crisis leading to his Abdication.

30.this almost formal Abdication of fatherhood hurt him.

31.it is believed that shah jahan was inconsolable to the point of contemplating Abdication in favour of his sons.

32.moreover, the views of "Abdication" have theoretical defects, and have restricted the research of problems related with the revolution of 1911.

33.it was a shocking Abdication of responsibility.

34.worse, it is an Abdication of our responsibility to our children and grandchildren-and a limitation on our future.

35.i am not a bad at ego to protect, is really protective person in ego in an Abdication.

36.had never the Abdication ever of own.

37.to back down would be a craven surrender to political correctness and an Abdication of what i believe to be the main responsibility of this committee-to protect america from a terrorist attack.

38.so the main task of physics Abdication to strengthen students science quality and train their ability to explore scientifically.