Abb Sentence Examples | Use Abb in a sentence

1.Abb's process automation division delivers industry specific solutions and services for industrial automation and plant electrification.

2.this will allow us to be closer to the management and operations of some of Abb's largest customers.

3.over the next three years, saps erp systems will be deployed across most of Abb's business organizations, it was announced today.

4.the equipment will be made at Abb's factories in china.

5.Abb sensors equipped with wisa technology communicate using the ieee-standard radios, as used in bluetooth devices.

6.but, with an annual cost base of $24bn to $25bn a year, he believes Abb has sufficient margin to realise his goals.

7.we selected the Abb system because of its ability to evolve rather than replace the existing system.

8.electrical equipment uses plc programmable controller and imported electrical components, such as: Abb, schneider, etc.

9.Abb will upgrade existing systems including high-voltage cables, low-voltage and control cables, fire-detection and fire-fighting equipment.

10.Abb's industrial robots are reliable, strong, accurate and easy to maintain.

11.Abb is a leading supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service.

12.last year was a strong year for both the company's business and organizational development, said brice koch, who took over as chairman and president of Abb china this january.

13.Abb will also provide startup services and training.

14.have grasped during here if Abb , fuji, execute the product information being able to bear morals waiting for famous enterprise.

15.Abb's system design also provides additional reactive power during operation, to minimize the new hoist's impact on the surrounding power network.

16.Abb delivered the world's first high voltage shore connection in2000.

17.the pulp defect analyzer integrates seamlessly with Abb and third-party distributed control systems as well as quality control and quality management systems.

18.the combination of standard Abb products and application-specific knowledge means we can install advanced solutions quickly.

19.yes, in so many words; and it must be so, for the Abb knows correctly the amount of all the largest fortunes in europe.

20.we look forward to benefiting from Abb's resources and expertise.

21.the agreement will make Abb one of sap's largest industrial customers.

22.the price list just for Abb drive distributor and system integrator. of its citizens, who represents a swiss engineering giant, Abb, is still stuck in a libyan jail.

24.may you have as much joy and fulfilment in your lives as i have had at Abb.

25.Abb's comprehensive delivery for each unit will ensure a safe and reliable electrical supply onboard.

26.the article introduces the application methods of Abb inverter in electric fac-tory air-cooling island.

27.Abb's delivery also includes energy management systems and power supply protection equipment.

28.the Abb rose from his chair, made two turns round the chamber, and pressed his trembling hand against his parched throat.

29.Abb's technology convinced the purchaser in the course of comprehensive endurance tests during the tendering phase.

30.the project will be executed by Abb's aluminium execution center based in montreal, canada.

31.Abb will design, supply, build and24 sets of high-power diode rectifier systems for four aluminum pot lines.

32.Abb belongs to natural material, have certain water proofing property, and do not rise electrostatic, so not easy and flyblown .

33.this work comprises analysis, selection, and architecture integration of domain-specific Abbs and technology standards.

34.well , sir , " said the Abb , " you have spoken unreservedly ; and thus to accuse yourself is to deserve pardon . i have had a job, personnel manager in Abb, tomorrow will be on duty formally.

36.Abb is the world's leading supplier of variable speed drives.

37.yes, i'm a representative of Abb.

38.Abb will design, supply and commission all the electrical and mechanical equipment for a new vertical tower mounted mine ore hoist system.