Abate Sentence Examples | Use Abate in a sentence

1.analysts said the improvement around the world suggested that the recessionary forces buffeting the global economy were starting to Abate.

2.the rain did not Abate the crowd's enthusiasm for the baseball game.

3.an amendment changing a corporation's name does not Abate a proceeding brought by or against the corporation in its former name.

4.the function of lubricant is to Abate friction between parts of a machine.

5.mr white will Abate part of the price if you ask him to.

6.we must Abate the smoke nuisance in the big cities.

7.one effective way to Abate particulate pollution is to research and develop filtration techniques for particulates from diesel emission.

8.Abate the smoke nuisance in big cities.

9.stormwater harvesting is one of the key measure to control flood and Abate water resources shortage problem in beijing.

10.i think this trend will Abate in 2014, and the brics will once again capture some positive headlines.

11.acupuncture can Abate the hydrops of the injuried sciatic nerve trunks, protect pn and prevent retrograde degeneration.

12.however, as a result of current production order decreases, investment demand is further also Abate.

13.the i/ o of controller Abate.

14.nothing can Abate the force of that argument.

15.conclusionot can improve the functions of upper limbs and hand and Abate complications in stroke patients.

16.the grief will not Abate soon, but this is not the only difficulty in the time ahead.

17.in moderate dhf cases, all signs and symptoms Abate after the fever subsides.

18.the role of teacher greatly Abate.

19."those are the securities most vulnerable to some sort of change" , said joseph Abate, strategist at barclays capital.

20.insenileperiod, as the general consenescence of airframe, central nervous system also increasingly Abate.

21.as the rains Abate, for now at least, the political deluge has begun.

22.mike geoghegan, chief executive, said the rise in uk insolvencies looked "unlikely to Abate" in the medium term.

23.we must Abate the noise pollution in our city.

24.now i have grown up and i hope that i will Abate some burden for my parents, especially the economic burden.

25.when resin bolt is used in soft broken tunnel roof, it is extremely easy to create the glue Abate.

26.in order to effectively Abate the noise of geared pump vibration signal, matching pursuit is introduced for de-noising.

27.they waited for the storm to Abate.

28.alibaba is taking move Abate china foreign trade glides the menace of pair of its business.

29.to become less violent, severe, or extreme; Abate.

30.not that they feel it so, but only to Abate the edge of envy.

31.the industry should use the best practicable methods to Abate pollution.

32.the doctor gave him some medicine to Abate the pain.

33.the storms had Abated by the time they rounded cape horn.

34.we must Abate the noise on the campus.

35.indeed, perhaps the real fear for emerging markets is that the money starts to Abate.

36.sterling has recently been strong, which will help to Abate inflationary pressures.

37.these headwinds are now beginning to Abate but it may be another four years before they fully subside.

38.as air and water do Abate the fire.

39.her husband emil Abate says his family in california would not have objected to his marrying a woman of any race.

40.also under this scenario, pressure on china to boost domestic consumer demand may Abate.