A cappella Sentence Examples | Use A cappella in a sentence

1.for the creation of A cappella explore this barren field of contemporary choral composers need to contribute to the cause of a force.

2.then according to the accompaniment, we divide choir into A cappella and choir with instrumental accompaniment.

3.singing both solo and A cappella with rich harmonies was also part of the slave heritage.

4.yes. i could sing in an A cappella group, but i can't sing.

5.the klapa music is a form of A cappella singing.

6.in recent years, thanks to the efforts of the team and the track selection, mongolian A cappella has been developing rapidly and made many great achievements.

7.therefore, A cappella is very easy to resonate with people.

8.i knew sean through A cappella singing society called barbershop.

9.are you going to do an A cappella deal here?

10.A cappella is the pure human voice. it is the manifestation of the highest realm of the choral art, in choral competitions at the highest level of athletic events.

11.at the same time, she was one of the most important and earliest composers in china who explored A cappella and make a unique contribution to the genre.

12.A cappella is a unique form of expression of choral music. the difference between A cappella and other types of chorus is using only the human voice as a performance tool and without playing any instrument.

13.fang bing is currently the first creation of A cappella works of so many composers and their works are still in the creative stimulation.

14.then she started singing lady gaga songs A cappella.

15.when not burying his nose in a book, wentworth sang baritone in the internationally-known all-male A cappella group princeton tigertones, who busked through europe and the middle east every summer.

16.cappella part includes the definition of A cappella, origin, characteristics and chinese and foreign masterpiece.