Index Sentence Examples | Use Index in a sentence

1.the stock-market Index fell by 80% before it began to recover.

2.b. if client is unable to see print clearly, test each eye separately by placing Index card over one eye at a time.

3.after the fortune is written to the user buffer, i increment the next_fortune Index by the length of the last fortune written.

4.automatic table and Index reorganisation.

5.the script will prompt you to either drop an existing multiline text Index or to create a new multiline text Index.

6.curiously, the word 'gay' does not occur in the Index

7.painters and sculptors are Indexed separately

8.he suffered a hairline fracture of the right Index finger.

9.the Index is the government's chief gauge of future economic activity.

10.a tire with a load Index equal to that of the original equipment tire indicates an equivalent load capacity.

11.i continued with this method, which also created an Index of items.

12.the Index of industrial production increased.

13.the retail price Index for september is expected to show inflation edging up to about 10.8 per cent.

14.the Index of the performance of leading shares recorded a 16 per cent fall.

15.but the vix Index of american stockmarket volatility (a measure of the cost of buying options) was close to a ten-year low in late october.

16.a supplementary volume has been published containing the Index.

17.the shanghai composite Index ended up44 points. judging researchers early in their career, the h-Index seems to be a poor measure.

19.minimum pensions and wages are to be Indexed to inflation.

20.she's Indexed the book by author, by age, and by illustrator.

21.this vast archive has been Indexed and made accessible to researchers

22.columns of a unique Index are allowed to be null, while columns in a unique constraint are not.

23.this means you cannot use these counters to determine whether an Index has been used or not, or when the Index was last used.

24.records changes to files and directories in git's Index. you have an Index.

26.the cm system can also create and maintain a full-text Index of the archived objects ( optional setting).

27.information about the table space and Index node groups or partitions. to use the zend_search module and related classes to Index and search data.

29.when the Index attribute and one or more Index elements are specified, the Index attribute is ignored.

30.there's even a special subject Index.

31.the number of pages shown in the Index for a particular document may be less than the total number of pages in the original document.

32.weeds are an Index to the character of the soil.

33.this parameter determines the maximum number of documents per segment Index.

34.i riffled through the pages until i reached the Index.

35.the Index is picking up.

36.the result is that the length and Index match, and you have accepted invalid input.

37.since the table is "empty, " it is obviously easiest to read the entire table rather than trying to use an Index.

38.the level and uniqueness of an Index will also affect the speed of accessing data.

39.this query plan shows the use of a functional Index. this case, both the length and Index values are zero, so they match.