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1The living always get over the dead. That鈥檚 what the dead never realize. If ever the dead did come back, they鈥檇 only have been sore that somehow you managed to get over their dying at all.

2When you get a cat to catch the mice in your kitchen, you can't expect it to ignore the rats in the cellar.

3A man's bookseller should keep his confidence, like his physician. What can become of a world where every man knows what another man reads? Why, sir, books would become like quacks' potions, with every mountebank in the newspapers claiming one volume's superiority over another.

4To grant all a man's wishes is to take away his dreams and ambitions. Life is only worth living if you have something to strive for. To aim at.

5When something needs to be said, you look for a man to say it. But when something needs actually to be done, you look for a woman.

6And tell them all about the books you've read. Better still, buy some more books and read them. That's an order. You can never read too many books.

7May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

8A wish is a dish that's a lot like a fish: Once it's been eaten it's harder to throw back. - Mr. Rakshasas

9Sometimes human nature can leave you looking just a little shamefaced.

10Philosophy begins when you don't know where to look for an answer.

P.B. Kerr Quotes

11The bone won't come to the dog. It's the dog that goes to the bone.

12All men come to resemble their fathers. That isn't a tragedy. But you need a hell of a sense of humor to handle it.