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1Love should be the silver thread that runs through all your conduct.

2Instruction, and advice, and commands will profit little, unless they are backed up by the pattern of your own life. Your children will never believe you are in earnest, and really wish them to obey you, so long as your actions contradict your counsel... Think not your children will practise what they do not see you do. You are their model picture, and they will copy what you are... will seldom learn habits which they see you despise, or walk in paths in which you do not walk yourself.

3Troublous times, departures from the faith, evil men waxing worse and worse, love waxing cold, are things distinctly predicted.

4A man may just as soon read the Scripture without eyes, as understand the spirit of it without grace.

5Lastly, we must be holy, because without holiness on earth - we will never be prepared to enjoy Heaven. ...I do not know what others may think - but to me it does seem clear that Heaven would be a miserable place to an unholy man. It cannot be otherwise. People may say in a vague way, that they "hope to go to Heaven, but they do not consider what they say. There must be a certain "fitness for the inheritance of the saints in light.

6God knew what we were before conversion - wicked, guilty, and defiled; yet He loved us. He knows what we will be after conversion - weak, erring, and frail; yet He loves us.

7If I never spoke of hell, I should think I had kept back something that was profitable, and should look on myself as an accomplice of the devil.

8Let us resolve by God's grace, that however poor and feeble our prayers may seem to be, we will pray on.

9We know nothing of humility by nature, for we are all born proud.

10Health is a good thing; but sickness is far better, if it leads us to God.

J. C. Ryle Quotes

11Fear not because your prayer is stammering, your words feeble, and your language poor. Jesus can understand you.

12The man who has nothing more than a kind of Sunday religion -- whose Christianity is like his Sunday clothes put on once a week, and then laid aside -- such a man cannot, of course, be expected to care about growth in grace.

13The Bible applied to the heart by the Holy Ghost is the chief means by which men are built up and established in the faith, after their conversion. It is able to cleanse them, to sanctify them, to instruct them in righteousness, and to furnish them thoroughly for all good works.

14We have no reason to be discouraged and cast down if the religion we profess is not popular and few agree with us. We must remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in this passage: 鈥楾he gate is narrow鈥? Repentance, and faith in Christ, and holiness of life, have never been fashionable. The true flock of Christ has always been small. It must not move us to find that we are reckoned singular, and peculiar, and bigoted, and narrow minded. This is the 鈥榥arrow way鈥? Surely it is better to enter into eternal life with a few, than to go to 鈥榙estruction鈥?with a great company

15There is one subject in religion, about which you can never know too much. That subject is Jesus Christ the Lord.

16We are evidently no friends of Satan. Like the kings of this world, he wars not against his own subjects. The very fact that he assaults us should fill our minds with hope.

17We may love money without having it, just as we may have money without loving it.

18Never let us be guilty of sacrificing any portion of truth on the altar of peace.

19Except a man be born again, he will wish one day he had never been born at all.

20Politics, or controversy, or party spirit, or worldliness, have eaten out the heart of lively piety in too many of us. The subject of personal godliness has fallen sadly into the background.

J. C. Ryle Quotes

21Hearken, my believing reader. What is the cause of your weakness? Is it not because the fountain of life is little used? Is it not because you are resting on old experiences, and not daily gathering new manna鈥攄aily drawing new strength from Christ?

22How can we love sin, when we remember that because of our sins Jesus died?

23That Bible is read best, which is practised most.

24Christmas is a season which almost all Christians observe in one way or another. Some keep it as a religious season. Some keep it as a holiday. But all over the world, wherever there are Christians, in one way or another Christmas is kept.

25Faith is to the soul what life is to the body. Prayer is to faith what breath is to the body. How a person can live and not breathe is past my comprehension, and how a person can believe and not pray is past my comprehension too.

26Sin always seems 'good, and pleasant, and desirable,' at the time of commission.

27The fear of punishment, the desire of reward, the sense of duty, are all useful arguments, in their way, to persuade people to holiness. But they are all weak and powerless, until a person loves Christ.

28The true Christian regards all Christ's friends as his friends, members of the same body, children of the same family, soldiers in the same army, travelers to the same home. When he meets them, he feels as if he had long known them. He is more at home with them in a few minutes, than he is with many worldly people after an acquaintance of several years. And what is the secret of all this? It is simply affection to the same Savior and love to the same Lord.

29The beginning of the way to heaven, is to feel that we are on the way to hell.

30Beware of self-righteousness in every possible shape and form. Some people get as much harm from their "virtues" as others do from their sins.

J. C. Ryle Quotes

31I declare I know no state of soul more dangerous than to imagine we are born again and sanctified by the Holy Ghost, because we have picked up a few religious feelings.

32We must wrestle earnestly in prayer, like men contending with a deadly enemy for life.

33To be prayerless is to be without God, without Christ, without grace, without hope, and without heaven.

34The surest mark of true conversion is humility.

35We corrupt the Word of God most dangerously, when we throw any doubt on the plenary inspiration of any part of Holy Scripture.

36Let us learn to be patient in the days of darkness, if we know anything of vital union with Christ.

37Amidst the flood of dangerous reading, I plead for my Master's book; I call upon you not to forget the book of the soul. Do not let newspapers, novels, and romances be read, while the prophets and Apostles be despised. Do not let the exciting and sensual swallow up your attention, while the edifying and the sanctifying can find no place in your mind.

38It is neglect of the Bible which makes so many a prey to the first false teacher whom they hear.

39If you want to warm a church, put a stove in the pulpit.

40If men come among you who do NOT preach all the counsel of God, who do NOT preach of Christ, sin, holiness, of ruin, redemption, and regeneration, and do NOT preach of these things in a Scriptural way, you ought to cease to hear them.

J. C. Ryle Quotes

41Those who confine God's love exclusively to the elect appear to me to take a narrow and contracted view of God's character and attributes....I have long come to the conclusion that men may be more systematic in their statements than the Bible, and may be led into grave error by idolatrous veneration of a system

42Let us watch against PRIDE in every shapepride of intellect, pride of wealth, pride in our own goodness.

43Miserable indeed is that religious teaching which calls itself Christian, and yet contains nothing of the cross.

44Let us read our Bibles reverently and diligently, with an honest determination to believe and practice all we find in them.

45Any well-read man knows that the moral difference between the condition of the world before Christianity was planted and since Christianity took root is the difference between night and day, the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the devil.

46Without a thorough conviction of sin, men may seem to come to Jesus and follow Him for a season, but they will soon fall away and return to the world.

47A converted man will not wish to go to heaven alone

48There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity in this day, which many have, and think they have enough-a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice-which costs nothing, and is worth nothing.

49Pride comes from not knowing yourself and the world. The older you grow, and the more you see, the less reason you will find for being proud. Ignorance and inexperience are the pedestal of pride; once the pedestal is removed - pride will soon come down.

50We must cast away everything which hinders us upon our road towards heaven 鈥?the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life; the love of riches, pleasures and honors, the spirit of lukewarmness and carelessness and indifference about the things of God 鈥?all must be rooted out and forsaken if we are anxious for the prize. We must mortify the deeds of the body, we must crucify our affections for this world.

J. C. Ryle Quotes

51Humility and love are precisely the graces which the men of the world can understand, if they do not comprehend doctrines. They are the graces about which there is no mystery, and they are within reach of all classes... The poorest Christian can every day find occasion for practicing love and humility.

52鈥?A humble and prayerful person will find a thousand things in the Bible, which the proud student will utterly fail to discern." ~ J.C. Ryle

53The Christian who keeps his heart diligently in little things shall be kept from great falls.

54What would you expect? Sin will not come to you saying, 'I am sin.' It would do little harm if it did. Sin always seems 'good, pleasant and desirable' at the time of arrival.

55Better to confess Christ 1000 times now and be despised by men, than be disowned by Christ before God on the day of Judgment.

56So long as you do not quarrel with sin, you will never be a truly happy man.

57A crucified Savior will never be content to have a self-pleasing, self-indulging, worldly-minded people.

58Two-thirds of all the strifes, quarrels, and lawsuits in the world arise from one simple cause-money.

59The Bible in the pulpit must never supersede the Bible at home.

60Millions of people profess and call themselves Christians, whom the Apostle Paul would not have called Christians at all.