H. M. Tomlinson Quotes | Quotes by H. M. Tomlinson

1It is better to obey the mysterious direction, without any fuss, when it points to a new road, however strange that road may be. There is probably as much reason for it, if the truth were known, as for anything else.

2Light comes to us unexpectedly and obliquely. Perhaps it amuses the gods to try us. They want to see whether we are asleep.

3The World is what we think it is. If we can change our thoughts, we can change the world.

4The reader who is illuminated is, in a real sense, the poem.

5I do not love the sea. The look of it is disquieting. There is something in the very sound of it that stirs the premonition felt while we listen to noble music; we become inexplicably troubled.

6There is precious little hope to be got out of whatever keeps us industrious, but there is a chance for us whenever we cease work and become stargazers.

7The right good book is always a book of travel; it is about a life's journey.

8There is something about a voyage you are barely aware of while you are making it.

9Most of us, I suppose, are a little nervous of the sea. No matter what its smiles may be, we doubt its friendship.

10As to the sea itself, love it you cannot. Why should you? I will never believe again the sea was ever loved by anyone whose life was married to it. It is the creation of omnipotence, which is not of humankind and understandable, and so the springs of its behavior are hidden.

H. M. Tomlinson Quotes