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1It will not do to say that it is out of woman's sphere to assist in making laws, for if that were so, then it should be also out of her sphere to submit to them.

2The costume of women should be suited to her wants and necessities. It should conduce at once to her health, comfort, and usefulness; and, while it should not fail also to conduce to her personal adornment, it should make that end of secondary importance

3The same Power that brought the slave out of bondage will, in His own good time and way, bring about the emancipation of women, and make her the equal in power and dominion that she was in the beginning.

4The costume of women should be suited to her wants and needs.

5When you find a burden in belief or apparel, cast it off.

6Although the doctrine of innate equality of the race has been proclaimed, yet so far as woman is concerned it has been a standing falsehood.

7It was a needed instrument to spread abroad the truth of a new gospel to woman, and I could not withhold my hand to stay the work I had begun. I saw not the end from the beginning and dreamed where to my propositions to society would lead me.

8Let men be compelled to wear our dress for awhile and we should soon hear them advocating a change.

9The emancipation of women from intemperance, injustice, prejudice, and bigotry. see Edgar Y. Harburg, We Gotta be Free

10Ah, how steadily do they who are guilty shrink from reproof!

Amelia Bloomer Quotes