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1The loss of a mother is always keenly felt, even if her health be such as to incapacitate her from taking an active part in the care of the family. She is the sweet rallying-point for affection, obedience, and a thousand tendernesses. Dreary the blank when she is withdrawn!

2It is for truth that God created genius.

3Love of country produces among men such examples as Cincinnatus, Alfred, Washington--pure, unselfish, symmetrical; among women, Vittoria Colonna, Madame Roland, Charlotte Corday, Jeanne Darc--romantic, devoted, marvelous.

4Enthusiasm is the intoxication of earnestness.

5Death, with funereal shades in vain surrounds me, My reason through his darkness seeth light: 'Tis the last step which brings me close to Thee: 'Tis the veil falling, 'twixt Thy face and mine.

6Life is too short to spare an hour of it in the indulgence of this evil passion.

7I love the people because I believe in God. For, if I did not believe in God, what would the people be to me? I should enjoy at ease that lucky throw of the dice, which chance had turned up for me, the day of my birth; and, with a secret, savage joy, I should say, "So much the worse for the losers!--the world is a lottery. Woe to the conquered!

8Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart.

9Private passions grow tired and wear themselves out; political passions, never.

10Every time that a people which has long crouched in slavery and ignorance is moved to its lowest depths there appear monsters and heroes, prodigies of crime and prodigies of virtue.

Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes

11Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated.

12Man, man, is thy brother, and thy father is God.

13Providence conceals itself in the details of human affairs, but becomes unveiled in the generalities of history.

14Poets and heroes are of the same race, the latter do what the former conceive.

15Photography is better than art. It is a solar phenomenon in which the artist collaborates with the sun.

16If God is thy father, human beings are thy brothers and sisters.

17Esteem incites friendship, but not love; the former is the twin brother of Reverence; the latter is the child of Equality.

18If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and astonishing results are the three criteria of a human genius, who could dare compare any great man in history with Muhammad?

19There is a name hidden in the shadow of my soul, where I read it night and day and no other eye sees it.

20All nature is the temple; earth the altar.

Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes

21Thou makest the man, O Sorrow!--yes, the whole man,--as the crucible gold.

22Eloquence dwells quite as much in the hearts of the hearers as on the lips of the orator.

23We are earth's children, and life is the same in sap as in blood; all that the earth, our mother, feels and expresses to the eye by her form and aspect, in melancholy or in splendor, finds an echo within us.

24Republicanism and ignorance are in bitter antagonism.

25Silence and simplicity obtrude on no one, but are yet two unequaled attractions in woman.

26The reason that women are so much more sociable than men is because they act more from the heart than the intellect.

27Before this century shall run out, journalism will be the whole press. Mankind will write their book day by day, hour by hour, page by page. Thought will spread abroad with the rapidity of light--instantly conceived, instantly written, instantly understood at the extremities of the earth.

28Assassination makes only martyrs, not converts.

29And when night, guiding her bright train of stars, Throws o'er the sleeping world her gloomy veil, Lonely amidst the desert and the darkness, Musing upon the night's calm majesty; Wrapt up in quietness, with shade and silence, My soul more closely worshippeth Thy presence; With an internal day I feel enlighten'd, And hear a voice, which biddeth me to hope.

30God has placed the genius of women in their hearts, because the works of this genius are always works of love.

Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes

31The People will not allow themselves to be changed into hogs by the Circes of Atheism. Their souls will flash indignation against their transformers. A day will come when they will see that they are impoverished under the pretext of being enriched; that, when they are robbed of their souls and of God, both their titles to liberty are stolen from them.

32France is revolutionary or she is nothing at all. The revolution of1789 is her political religion.

33Poetry has been the guardian angel of humanity in all ages.

34My mother was convinced, and on this head I have retained her firm belief, that to kill animals for the purpose of feeding on their flesh is one of the most deplorable and shameful infirmities of the human state; that it is one of those curses cast upon man either by his fall, or by the obduracy of his own perversity.

35When a dog is in your life, there is always a reason to laugh.

36We cannot have two hearts, one for the animals and one for men. In cruelty towards the former and cruelty to the latter there is no difference but in the victim.

37What mortal is there, over whose first joys and happiness does not break some storm, dispelling with its icy breath his fanciful illusions, and shattering his altar?

38A conscience without God is like a court without a judge.

39Shall not this bygone Eden that we knew In our Eternal Life have shape and hue? For where Time is not shall not all Time be? In that calm breast whereto our souls are cleaving Shall we not find our loved ones beyond grieving About the hearth-stone of Eternity?

40There is a woman at the begining of all great things.

Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes

41The attractiveness that exists to man in the very helplessness of woman is scarcely realized.

42Newspapers will ultimately engross all literature.

43Hence life, as through a cloud, for me I see Vanish, and to the past's dark shade 'tis chas'd; As a grand image love remains to me-- Sole remnant of a dream, by morn effac'd.

44We don't have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans ; we have one heart or we don't have any.

45Ink is the transcript of thought.

46The greatness of a popular character is less according to the ratio of his genius than the sympathy he shows with the prejudices and even the absurdities of his time. Fanatics do not select the cleverest but the most fanatical leaders as was evidenced in the choice of Robespierre by the French Jacobins, and in that of Cromwell by the English Puritans.

47The impartiality of history is not that of the mirror, which merely reflects objects, but of the judge, who sees, listens, and decides.

48Fiction is the microscope of truth.

49Men are misers, and women prodigal, in affection.

50Sad is his lot, who, once at least in his life, has not been a poet.

Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes

51Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.

52If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.

53If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and astonishing results are the three criteria of a human genius, who could dare compare any great man in history with Muhammad? The most famous men created arms, laws, and empires only. They founded, if anything at all, no more than material powers which often crumbled away before their eyes. This man moved not only armies, legislations, empires, peoples, dynasties, but millions of men in one-third of the then inhabited world; and more than that, he moved the altars, the gods, the religions, the ideas, the beliefs and the souls.

54Utopias are often just premature truths.

55The people only understand what they can feel; the only orators that can affect them are those who move them.

56There are places and climates, seasons and hours, with their outward circumstance, so much in harmony with certain impressions of the heart, that Nature and the soul of man appear to be parts of one vast whole.

57History is neither more nor less than biography on a large scale.

58Silence,--the applause of real and durable impressions.

59All our tastes are but reminiscences.

60History teaches everything, even the future.