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1Some flowers give out little or no odour until crushed.

2Wherever I am, I see the yoke on women in some form or another. On some it sits easy for they are but beasts of burden. On others pride hushes them to silence; no complaint is made for they scorn pity or sympathy. On some it galls and chafes; they feel assured by every instinct of their nature that they were designed for a higher, nobler calling than to 'drag life's lengthening chain along.

3[On her recently widowed father's much younger wife:] My father has been very busy in conjugating the verb to love, and I assure you he declines its moods and tenses inimitably.

4Is not sorrow, all sorrow, selfish?

Abby May Alcott Quotes

5Girls are taught to seem, to appear - not to be and do.