Apologize Sentence Examples | Use Apologize in a sentence

1.go and Apologize to your mother.

2.the prince tried to Apologize, but it was too late, for she had been that there was no love in his heart.

3.i want to Apologize to you and your family.

4.do not know why, has the hearts of the wolf wolf i beg your pardon. would like to Apologize to the impulse.

5.i sincerely Apologize for this misunderstanding!

6.when one of your children hurts the feelings of a sibling, it's not enough to Apologize.

7.i Apologize for my laziness.

8.i Apologize for my rudeness. i am an idiot!

9.you must Apologize to her for having kept her waiting.

10.and i really missed out on a big fun part of life by not going to places like that with you. and i do Apologize.

11.i cannot but view that he was lying, for that reason, i couldn't Apologize instead of him.

12.i felt constrained to Apologize to you for what i had said.

13.i must Apologize to your friend.

14.he hastened to Apologize.

15.i'd like to Apologize

16.we Apologize in advance for the occasional mistake, but hope you recognize that this process is in the best interest of pingo customers.

17.i realize she can be very annoying, but all the same i think you should Apologize for losing your temper with her.

18.you have to sincerely Apologize to her.

19.look, i wanted to Apologize for today. i think i was a little hard on you.

20.i came to Apologize. i shouldn't have been suspicious.

21.jane, would you listen to me for a moment? i come here to Apologize for my rudeness yesterday. would you forgive me?

22.you must Apologize to your sister.

23.don't wait for anybody else pain, to ask for Apologize. . . neither separation to make it up.

24.it's for me to Apologize, not for you.

25.you were right and i was wrong i Apologize.

26.he had the grace to Apologize to me for the insulting remark.

27.two years ago, congress formally Apologized for the internment

28.so, i particularly the fancy come to Apologize with you and wish that you can forgive.

29.i will Apologize for my pretentious and condescending behavior.

30.this is pure slander and i'll sue him for defamation if he doesn't Apologize.

31.if i have made any mistakes, i'm ready to Apologize.

32.i suggest that you Apologize.

33.he Apologized to the people who had been affected.

34.i Apologize for being late

35.beryl came round this morning to Apologize

36.i've been selfish, and i want to Apologize.

37.you should Apologize to her for blaming her wrongly.

38.i'm sorry to tell you that your medicine bottle (cosmetic bottle) was broken by accident . i sincerely Apologize for that.

39.costello later Apologized, saying he'd been annoyed by the man

40.we Apologize for any inconvenience caused during the repairs